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September 28, 2019 0 By Peter Engel

This video will show how to get stabilized shots without using a tripod a slider one steadycam or gimbal simply using our camera While all these stabilizers make our life easier in getting a good shot not everyone has the possibility of acquiring since some of them are quite expensive and what we deny are a nuisance carry it when we go on a trip or when we have to burn in inaccessible places how easy and comfortable it is to carry only our camera in hand. Adobe Premiere has a very powerful image stabilizer However although this effect we will see in the next video is authentic Ideally miracle while recording the camera is trying to move as little as possible so that the final result by applying the Warp Stabilizer is perfect. Today we will see some techniques to improve stability when recording without using no stabilization system Are you ready? For the results in perfect post-production must try to minimize vibrations during recording The first thing to consider is to hold the camera with both hands thinks that the more footholds have the camera least be moved, therefore when recording do not hold the camera with one hand can be a very cool pose, but all we are doing is transmit to the camera every movement of your arm and your hand You hold the camera with both hands a much more stable grip is achieved No holding the camera with one hand Holding the camera with both hands The next thing to consider is not to extend the arms We extend your arms when all we’re getting is moving the camera away from our center of gravity being much easier to transmit all movements waist arm and hand to fix this is very easy Come camera and everything you can paste your elbows to your body to serve as a support for your arms. About the camera to your body Board elbows to the body If you need to extend your arms to such conduct a panoramic there is a very easy and effective trick. If we hang the camera around his neck using belt and stretch the arms until they blocked We’re getting three support points both hands and neck thus stabilizing besides we can get movements from left to right and top down If we approach the camera against your face and look through the viewfinder we are giving as with the belt three support points both arms and face If your camera has no viewfinder or we do not like to look through it to record, remember what we have seen so far try to paste the camera as possible to your body try not to lean forward or backward to zoom in or out of the subject you’re recording Always try to keep your back completely straight and aligned to maintain balance and prevent vibration If we want we will make a turn to the waist keeping the camera as close as possible to placing our feet is very important as a basis for stability of the entire body try not to move your feet while we’re recording a decision like legs much more stability is achieved whether more or less aligned to shoulder height Avoid moving your feet while recording Place her legs and feet If we sit our center of gravity low and increase the balance however there are ways to sit more stable than others for example not stretch your legs, it is ideal for getting our shots rolling in no position because we are supporting all of our total weight includes support legs and elbows on them and you need never kneel you stay half thus greatly increase the tension in your body not to fall and all that you transmit to the camera is a good solution support a knee and elbow support leg is flexed making these planes have more tips stabilized if not consider and post production stage when we go to apply the stabilization effect of deformation We obtain impressive results. Good hope as long as I have this video it useful and if it has been so do not forget to leave a like in the next video we will see how to use the effect stabilized adobe premiere so if you do not want to miss you know subscribe help me sharing this video for their social networks so that more people know the channel and join this adventure a hug and see you in the next video