$45 EARNINGS FOR FREE! | Earn by  Answering Easy Questions & GIVING LIKES | No Investment [ENGSUB]

$45 EARNINGS FOR FREE! | Earn by Answering Easy Questions & GIVING LIKES | No Investment [ENGSUB]

January 13, 2020 0 By Peter Engel

So before starting today’s video, let’s draw our winner from the previous video FREE LOAD APPS 2020 The winner will get a 50₱ worth of GCash My question was What was the third application that I promoted in this video And the answer is Wowapp. Let’s see. Well, this doesn’t count. This one! Monica Loyloy. Alright, she’s our winner “It’s Wowapp hopefully I’ll win” So, congratulations! Because you’re the one who won for our previous video So, if you want to win for this video wait for my question and I’ll pick the winner in our next video. Okay, So, hello guys. This is Jhazel de Vera. Welcome back to my channel. So, if you’re new to this channel, click on the subscribe button and the notification bell so that you can watch all types of videos about home-based jobs and anything from which you can earn online. For today’s video guys, I’m going to share with you a website where you can earn by answering questions. This website is called Masmic.com But first, let’s see the proof of payment. Because a while ago I requested a payout here at 5pm January 8 2020 I received 32.43$ worth of XLM because guys here at Masmic the cryptocurrency is in XLM This is what we earn The payout is really quick, you’ll receive the payout within 2 hours, I think. Right now, I’ll show you how to earn here at Masmic.com This is the dashboard and as you can see there different kinds of questions. The questions here no right or wrong answers. It’s only based on your opinion. As you can see here What song are you massively into at the moment? And its price is 0.48$ If you click on it This is the description guys The total rewards that we’ll get are 5 The total bounty is 0.48$ And its remaining days is 3 days You can submit your answer by clicking this blue button right here The wright answer button Just click on it You can personalize your answer personalize the letterings attach a picture and also links Once everything’s done you can submit your answer The only perk of it is that it’s very competitive when you submit your answer Because of all the submitted answer only 5 will be picked But do not worry because this is not the only way to earn here at Masmic.com Here, you can earn by using your votes here at Masmic.com per post or per question you get 16 votes for you to use I already voted before I already voted that’s why I’m 16/16 votes Down below you’ll find the questions which have already been answered You can still submit your answer but I’m not sure if you’ll still earn something Here at Masmic.com you can earn as well by inviting your friends Share your love for knowledge! This is where you’ll find your referral link, you can copy it or share it on your social media accounts By the way, here you can find a highlighted “New” See how you are performing in the ongoing Masmic Ambassador Contest Let’s click on it Here, they update the Masmic Marketing Contest you can check it out, I’ll link it down below As of now, we’re on the top 10 here on the leader board For you to receive your payment at Masmic.com, just go to “balance” Click here on the “redeem” option But as of now, we don’t have any current balance because I’ve withdrawn it earlier My total withdrawal here at Masmic is of 47.54$ The cryptocurrency used here is XLM You can withdraw through Blockchain, I don’t know if there’s at Coinbase, guys But I’m pretty sure that there’s not at coins.ph So you’ll need to transfer it to a different wallet So, this is my withdrawal history The first two come from Masmic.com before, I received 14.72$ worth of XLM And today I received 32.23 worth of XLM It is legit. Masmic.com does pay. So if you want to sign up here at Masmic.com just click the link in the description box guys And you can also share your referral link here in the comment section so that you can earn faster For today’s question guys– I don’t even know what to ask I’ll look for a question here This guys What are most proud of in 2019? This is the question for our giveaway So get a chance to win a 50₱ worth of GCash I’ll draw the winner in our next video. Not on live anymore so that more people see where I draw the winner. That’s all guys. Thank you so much for watching this video And if you’ve enjoyed it, give this video a like and subscribe to my channel And to my second channel JhazeldeVeraVLOGS. Okay. So, have a nice day, God bless and goodbye!