5 Apps Every YouTuber Must Have

October 1, 2019 0 By Peter Engel

– I’m gonna share with you five apps every YouTuber should have and we’re startin’ right now. (upbeat music) What is going on? My name is Nick, welcome to another video. If this is your first time here and you wanna learn how
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so you don’t miss anything. And real quick, before I give my list, let me know what apps you are using to help you with your YouTube creations down in the comments below. Number one is Snapseed. If you don’t have a computer based editor and you wanna make your
thumbnail photos look incredible or even the thumbnails you
use inside of your videos, Snapseed is the solution for you. Snapseed allows you to
add brightness, contrast, saturation, add ambience to your photos, and all types of other things
that really make your photos grab attention and
standout from other photos that are out there on the internet. It’s super easy to use and can
make a humongous difference in how your photos look
and, more importantly, you can actually use
it and edit your photos while you’re on the run. And when I say on the run,
I mean on the run like you’re out doing stuff
in your day to day life, not like you’re running from the law. Number two on our list is Open Camera. In a nutshell, Open
Camera lets you dial in all of your settings
for your phone camera. So, in my case, I have a
Samsung S7 and when I do the selfie version, when I use the front cam, it kind of doesn’t
really perform that well. However, if I use Open
Cam, I can make all of the adjustments to make the
picture a lot better. Having that ability to
dial in your settings and hold the exposure in your
phone camera is fantastic because it can help you shoot
really good looking B-roll footage that you can use in your videos or if you’re doing vLogs or
any type of content on the run, then it can really help you dial in how good your video content looks. And when I say dial in,
basically what I mean by that is it makes it look better. Next on the list is Legend. Legend is awesome if you’re
somebody that makes videos on your phone or if you are
someone that wants to make some cool transitions or some tech
slides to introduce the next segment of your video or,
you know, in a case like this where I’m giving you a numbered
list of things in the video. Technically I could use
Legend to create the slides that would go in between each section if I was using slides that
went in between each section. With Legend, it’s so easy to
use and all you have to do is you have to put in the text that you want and then Legend will remake all of these awesome graphics for you. Once you have the graphics that you want or you have the look that you want, then you can export those and
you can use them in your files on your phone or you can
use them in your files on your computer but there’s
a huge array of options in here, unfortunately you
can’t customize them fully but for what it is that they offer, they actually look pretty
cool right out of the gate. Next up on the list is the
YouTube Creator Studio app. If you are not already
using the Creator Studio app to help manage your YouTube channel, you definitely need to
download it right now. The Creator Studio app lets
you answer your comments on the run, it lets you look
at your analytics on the run, and basically it lets you
manage all of the back end stuff on your channel while you’re on the go. Or on the run. If you have a Pateron account like I do, I’m just starting to open it up, the link to that is gonna be
down in the description below if you wanna hop on
board, they have an app to where you can manage
your YouTube channel there but they actually have
one on the way called Lens to where you can currently download it but once they open it up to everybody, you can actually add content
while you’re on the run. So, let’s say that you’re
out doing something, you can add a picture or a video
clip or something like that to your Patreon feed
while you’re on the go. So, basically it gives you
that more intimate connection with the people that are into
what it is that you’re doing. Unfortunately, at this point in time, because my Patreon account is new, I don’t have Lens yet,
they’re not giving me access, but as soon as they roll
it out, it’s something that I’ll definitely be using as well. And as a bonus, just in
case you don’t have Patreon, Google Keep is next up on the list. Personally, I use Google
Keep to help me organize my thoughts and ideas with
the things that I wanna do on my channel, the things
that I wanna do on my different websites and things like that. If I have an image that I
wanna make sure that I remember that I put up on Instagram,
I add it to Google Keep so that I remember to
put it up on Instagram. Because, you know, I’m
thinkin’ about other stuff, not remembering Instagram,
so, that’s what I gotta do in order to remember to post to Instagram. I have a new channel that’s opening up that helps you learn
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