5 PROVEN Ways To Get MORE Subscribers

August 19, 2019 0 By Peter Engel

– I’m gonna tell you five more proven ways to get more subscribers
on your YouTube channel, and we’re starting right now. ♪ That’s just how it is ♪ ♪ Ain’t waiting on me ♪ What is going on? My name is Nick from tubertools.com, welcome to another video. If this is your first time here and you want to learn
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and clicking the bell so you don’t miss anything. Okay so I just put out a
video recently explaining how you can ask people to subscribe to your YouTube channel so that you can increase the amount of
people that are subscribing. I’m getting a good response from it, people are enjoying it, getting some good comments, so I’m like, “Hey, why not give you more ways “that you can get more subscribers?” The very first thing that will help bring you more subscribers is increasing the
accessibility to your content. Here’s what I mean. YouTube is a global platform. There’s a lot of different languages being spoken on YouTube, there’s a lot of different people that, let’s say that you are making videos for an English speaking market. Well guess what? There’s
a lot of people that are watching English speaking videos. However, English isn’t
their first language. Because of that, adding
captions to your videos so it’s easier for people to understand that don’t speak English
as a first language can help you get more subscribers because they can understand your content, which can in turn help them
to subscribe to you more. Another side of accessibility if you want to expand on that is to offer
translations for your content. Now look, I know that
unless you speak languages from all over the world that
you’re probably not going to be able to just sit down
and translate your content. But YouTube does have
some features built in that that can help you actually do that. Or you can actually turn on
community generated translations so that people that watch your videos can translate them if they would like to. As a matter of fact, if you look in most of my video descriptions over the last, I don’t know, probably two years or so, what you’re going to
find is you’re going to find a translation link down there, where people can actually
click on that link and then they can translate my videos into their native language. Now, do I have a ton of translations? Well, I do get translations. Some videos do better than others, but what happens there is that makes my content more accessible to people in these
regions that have English as their second language
or when it’s translated, they don’t even have to speak
English to consume my content. Feel free to click that
link and translate any of my videos by the way if English is your
second language, thanks. Another thing that can
be extremely helpful in terms of generating more subscribers is to use the grouping
feature inside of YouTube. Now, you’re gonna hear me talking about this a lot and here’s why. So I was at VidCon and I
was having conversations with a few different people, and they were asking me about, how do you find out what’s working? How do you know what
people are responding to versus what they’re not
responding to and so on. So I said, “Hey, this is
exactly how you do it,” and they didn’t even know
that the feature existed. So I’m gonna tell you how you can use the grouping feature right
now so that you can make sure that you’re making content
that people are responding to in the way that you want
them to respond to it, in terms of views or
subscribers or watch time or whatever it is that
you happen to be after. The very first thing you do of course is you have to log in to
your YouTube Analytics. You do this by clicking
on your profile picture up in the top right
hand corner of YouTube. From there you will click
on YouTube Studio Beta, and then that will take you into your creator studio dashboard. Once inside of the
creator studio dashboard, what you want to do then is you want to click on the option that says Analytics. Once you click on Analytics, from that point what you
want to do is you want to click on the little option
right here that says See More. When you do that, a whole
other area is going to open up for you that’s gonna let
you dig into some fun data. However, the part that
I want you to look at is actually at the top
next to your username. There’s a little down arrow,
I want you to click on that. Once you click on that, you’re gonna have another dialog box pop up and
in that dialog box you want to click on Groups. Once you click on Groups, then down in the bottom left hand side, there you will see Create New Group. Okay, now here’s what you want to do. It’s basically inside of the groups, when you’re creating the groups, is you want to create groups based on the specific type of
content that you have. So let’s say if you have some vlogs, and then let’s say that you have some, we’ll just use me as an example, let’s say you have some vlogs then you have some training content. Or in my case let’s say that I’m just comparing view videos
compared to subscriber videos or something like that. However this would apply to you, in terms of the specific
content that you make, is how you would actually want to group the videos together, but that’s the idea. They’re groups, so you want to group together the specific content so that you can compare different types of content against each other. But anyway, once you create the groups and you categorize your
content into those groups. What you can do is you
can actually compare those different groups against each other by selecting one of the groups, and then going up and clicking on Compare To, and then
selecting the other group. When you do that you can
compare different sets of data against each group. So as an example that you’re
seeing on the screen right now in this particular situation, I know that this drives more subscribers than this type of content. Now, something that I
want you to keep in mind. Let’s say that you have a breakout video. You have a video that just does amazing. What you want to do is
in that particular case, if you’re actually running tests to see what people respond to the most. Then if you have one video that takes off and it ends up distorting
that data that you’re getting, in that particular case
you’re gonna want to reel that one back in by deleting
that one from the group. Not the channel, but just
from the group so that that one isn’t polluting
the data that you have. Now within that, depending on what you are actually
comparing you can just say, “Okay, well, if its subscriber
count that I can just kind “of figure out the view to subscribe ratio “between the two different groups,” But if it’s something like
watch time for example, in that particular
situation obviously the one that’s getting tons and
tons of views is gonna have a lot more watch time on it
than the ones that are not, and therefore you’d want
to pull that one out so that the actual data
that you’re looking at is somewhat similar in terms
of trying to figure out which things are working
and which things are not. But as another side note, if you do have that video that takes off, then of course you want
to make more of those because those are bringing in all the other stuff that you want. The next thing that’s going to help you increase the amount of
subscribers that you’re getting to your channel of course
is to make sure that you are adding some kind of
value to the people that are watching your YouTube videos. Here’s what I mean. There’s only so much time in the day, and there’s so many videos
to watch on YouTube. And because of that you have to make sure that the videos that you are uploading are worth watching for the people that are coming into your videos. They are giving you time and you are giving them good content. That’s the exchange that
you want to take place. You don’t want the exchange to take place where they are coming
in giving you their time but you’re not giving them anything worth spending that time on. A little side note for that one, a little trick is the
better that you get at that particular thing, the
better everything’s going to be. But anyway at the end of the day, you just want the people that
are watching your content to leave with something, right? So when they come in, they watch
your content, they’re like, “Yeah, that was that was good. “I got to make sure I subscribe to here “if I remember to do it.” Which brings me to the next point. Ask them to subscribe. Here’s the thing, if people
are watching your content, and your content’s really good, well, in that particular case you’re gonna lose a lot of
people if you don’t ask. You’re gonna lose a lot of people who were just caught up in your content like, “Wow, that was amazing,” but they’re not really
thinking about subscribing because they’re not YouTubers. So all you do in that
situation is you give them a tiny little nudge by
reminding them to subscribe to your YouTube channel. Now this video is not over,
I’ve got more for you. However, I do want to let you know that I made an entire video
on how to actually ask for subscribers so that
you can increase the rate that people are subscribing
to your channel. I’ll just put a link
to that right up here. But if you don’t ask,
of course you’re going to have people that are gonna subscribe because they like your content. However if you do ask,
you’re going to increase that because people are going
to be reminded to subscribe when they are otherwise not
necessarily thinking about it. The next thing that you
want to do on this list in order to increase the amount of people that are subscribing
to your YouTube channel is to work on your charisma. People subscribe to channels on YouTube because they get value out of it, but they also subscribe
to channels on YouTube because they enjoy that content creator and they enjoy the personality
of that content creator and the nuances of that content creator. So because of that, what you should do as a content creator is you should work on
your charisma in terms of how do you become the
best version of yourself and how do you communicate
that best version of yourself when you’re on camera. So what I want you to do is
just think about it and say, “Okay, well am I
projecting the best version “of myself on camera? “Can I communicate in a better way? “What should I do if I don’t
think that’s the case?” It’s your lucky day, I’m
gonna tell you exactly what you should do. So, there’s a YouTube channel
called Charisma on Command. I don’t know them personally
but it’s a channel that I watch as well
and Charisma on Command is a great way to actually
develop your charisma or just kind of know what to look for when it comes to charisma, and just kind of learn
how to express yourself in a charismatic way. I highly recommend that you check out that YouTube channel if you don’t know where to start on this sort of thing. I’ll put a link to them
in the description. But at the end of the day, since people do respond to
other people on YouTube, let it out. Be yourself, be who you
are, don’t hold back, be all you, whatever that
means to you, be all you. Another thing that’s gonna help you get more subscribers here on
YouTube is to get more views. I actually put together a video, a step by step video on
how you can get more views. You can click on that
right here right now. And to learn more about
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