A Guide to Manipulating 3D Objects in Paint 3D

December 7, 2019 0 By Peter Engel

In addition to making 2D images, Paint 3D now
enables everyone to create in 3D. You can select 3D content by choosing the Select
tool and clicking directly on a model. Once selected a bounding box will appear around
the contents allowing uniform scaling from the corner handles
and non-uniform scaling from the side handles. The familiar top handle enables you to rotate the
object. However, with 3D content you will see three
additional handles. The right handle will flip the model backwards
and forwards. The bottom handle will spin the model around. And the left handle will slide the model back and
forth in 3D space. When positioning 3D shapes, there is object
snapping to help you align models together. If you want, you can temporarily remove snapping
by holding the Ctrl key. Anytime 3D content is selected, some useful
selection tools will appear in the side panel. These include recognisable options such as Cut,
Copy, Paste, Delete and the Flip buttons. Another way to select a model, is to drag a
selection box around it. This also enables you to
select multiple objects at once. Use the Multiselect button to add or remove
objects from the current selection. When multiple models are selected, the bounding
box affects all the selection at once. Group multiple objects together using this
button. Once grouped they will be treated as one
object unless you chose to Ungroup them. There is an Edit Colour option which changes the
color of selected shapes and Select All to
quickly select all the content in your scene. It’s easy to use the adjustment tools in Paint 3D
to turn basic shapes into something totally new. Click the next video to learn about 3D shapes.