Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 (12.0.1) New Features

December 11, 2019 0 By Peter Engel

Hey everybody, it’s Kevin and today we’re going to take a closer look at the new features in Premiere Pro CC 2018 12.0.1 So the first one I want to show you is in the Media Cache Preferences We’ll go to Preferences Media Cache and you can see, although it’s not a new feature it is a new dialog box when you choose some of the automatic media cache deletion functions Next is Variable Frame Rate Support for editing and playback A quick way to determine whether you have a variable frame rate clip or not is to simply look in the Frame Rate column of your Project Panel You can verify this by inspecting the clip’s properties To do this, select the clip and choose the Get Properties For>Selection function from the File menu and in the Properties dialog box you can see for sure if a clip has been detected to have a variable frame rate or not Next up is the ability to toggle Multicam in the Source Monitor for Active Camera to Fill the Screen So what does that mean? In the Wrench Menu you can see that Composite Video is now a choice In the Program Monitor, we’ll switch to Multicamera and you can see that if I switch to various cameras in the Source Monitor I can switch to different camera angles just by using the keyboard shortcuts and in the Source Monitor we have a way to just playback here at full screen Next up is support for more video footage formats In particular the ARRI ALEXA Mini Camera in MXF ARRIRAW Format HEVC codec footage is now supported wrapped in a .mov container which will be very useful for people shooting with iPhones or DJI Phantom Drones Next up is the option to keep clips vertically aligned as you move them across tracks So, with this sequence you can see I have several clips here Let’s say I want to take just the video portion of a clip and move it up a track A way you can do that is begin dragging A way you can do that is begin dragging by holding the Shift key down it will snap it back into place So, you can be sure that you’re dragging your clip upward or downward in perfect vertical alignment Next up is the feature that allows you to solo an audio track that is playing in the Source Monitor Just press one of the “S” buttons down in the Audio Meters and you’ll be able to solo either track for previewing audio in various clips Next up is the ability to make an existing project into a Shared Project alias So that means you can go to the Import menu you can select multiple projects import them and you’ll be presented with the opportunity to import them as Shared Projects and you can do the same for all projects, all at the same time All you have to do now is click OK Another feature is the ability to preview 360 clips on an HMD on Mac I don’t have an HMD to show you, unfortunately! Once cool new feature is the ability to lay in an In Point as soon as you set a Match Frame For that, I’ll go to the Preferences for “Timeline” and down here at the bottom you can see that I’ve already set that option So when I go here to do a Match Frame I’ll just press “F” you can see that I’ve Match Framed and marked an In Point at that point in time In addition to bug fixes there are subsequence improvements There is now a new Make Subsequence from In to Out option in the Keyboard Shortcuts This creates a subsequence and ignores track targeting Instead all tracks in the sequence are grabbed for the new subsequence The subsequence also loads Into the Source Monitor There are a few bonus features that were left out of the official documentation that you should know about related to the Essential Graphics panel First of all align and distribution tools have been added as well as, faux styles for those of you that missed those items from the Legacy Tilter which is still available Some of these commands are located in the Graphics Menu, as well So, those are the new features Thank you so much for watching! Hey guys! We love making these videos and we can’t wait to make even more! So, if you like the video give it the thumbs up or even better Subscribe!