Artistically Speaking: How Photoshop has Changed the World

September 12, 2019 0 By Peter Engel

Photoshop is a publishing platform an
application that and mostly designers use that
photographers use to manipulate photos it is a very
challenging application to learn you can learn enough to get by sort of on your own, but if you really want to dig
into the things that make it powerful it does require a steep learning curve. i doing everything with Photoshop I am a
photographer so I use it to enhance photos and anytime I’m
working on a brochure for website something like
that and but photos are involved and you can bet that I’m using Photoshop I do a lot of work with bloggers and
create graphics for them you might see your graphics on Pinterest that have
quotes and a pretty background something like that those are a primarily done in Photoshop
and I use it for that if you I have seen any sort advertising
and the last fifteen years you have seen Photoshop and it has
changed that media that industry more than anything else and so when you’re seeing
know it’s a beautiful woman and actress or someone on the cover of a magazine she is very likely be Photoshop most her
flaws have been digitally race more so of covered
over When you see things that may be some meme that’s floating around
Facebook, it’s hard to know these days whether that is accurate photo whether it represents the
truth of what was was captured by a camera whether it’s been manipulated in some
way and a lot of ways Photoshop has allowed us to I guess enhance certain things related
to advertising and in that way it’s helpful you can you
can erase pimples and zits and bad teeth and stuff
like that but at also takes us another step removed from reality and it
makes it a little more difficult for us to know what’s real and what’s been Photoshopped. Some of the ways that advertising has become more creative
over the past couple decades are very definitely because it Photoshop
it used to be that if you had a great idea you had to go out and recreated on
camera you had to build props you had to go to a certain set now
with Photoshop you don’t need that you can shoot against a green screen you can manipulate objects you know all
the mountain air you can make things appear that weren’t there in the actual
human so it opens up a a whole new world of creativity and
imagination I’ll which does I think make advertising a lot more interesting, the possibilities with Photoshop are endless.