Best Starter Lighting Kits for Beginner Studio Photographers

February 25, 2020 0 By Peter Engel

Are you looking for affordable
studio lighting kits that are perfect for your next photo
or video shoot? Let’s take a look
at some of our starter lighting kits. Thanks for watching, guys. Subscribe to us for more photo and video
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@hypop, or visit our website, Let’s get into it. Today, we’re looking at some
starter studio lighting kits. These are affordable
lighting kits that are perfect for your
next photo or video shoot. Some perfect use examples for
these lighting kits would be portrait photography
such as newborn. Children or family photo shoots. This can include a family portrait shoot
or something like a cake smash, which is really popular
nowadays with children. Another great use would be
fashion photography. So, if you’re an eCommerce store
or a fashion label, it’s perfect to take photos
of your next collection or your next campaign. If you receive products
constantly on your website and you’re always updating
and changing your products, the best way is to
set up an in-house studio for you to be able to
shoot your products when they’re ready and available to go,
so it’s direct to your customer. Perfect for eCommerce stores
or just fashion labels in general. It’s also really useful if you’re using it
for social media campaigns, if you’re wanting to post something on
Instagram or on Facebook. Another great use is actually events. So, if you wanted to set up
a photo booth, for example, at a wedding, a birthday party, or even a commercial event,
such as an exhibition, it’s perfect to set up a photo booth
where there’s lighting involved and you’re creating
professional-looking shots to use for social media
or your website to promote your event. And lastly, product photography kits. Product photography kits contain lighting,
as well as some sort of table or a tent. So, a photo table is perfect
for use for products with the size of about sixty
centimetres in width. So, if your product’s larger than that,
perhaps, you may look at a tent. Tents come in a variety
of different sizes, all the way up to 100 centimetres. So, one-meter wide, which means
you can fit larger products in there. The main difference
between a table and a tent is that the tent contains the product
and allows for that seamless finish and that seamless background
in your photo. That helps with photo editing, so your post-production
process is a lot easier. So, not only can you use
these kits in photo shoots but you can use them in video shoots. Continuous lighting kits are perfect
for YouTube videos or video production in general. The reason why is because you get to see
where the light falls on your subject before you take the actual photo or video. Include these starter lighting kits
in your setup to create your own studio in your own environment. So, running through some
of the features of starter lighting kits. Firstly, are the lighting modifiers. There are two different types of
lighting modifiers that are available: umbrellas or softboxes. Softboxes contain the light
and directed in one direction, which means that it points
directly to your subject. Whereas, an umbrella offers
a wider spread of light. But, because it’s an
open lighting modifier, the light is less direct. Therefore, you lose a bit of output. The lighting options for
the starter lighting kits are all continuous lighting. So, what that means is
what you see is what you get. You’re able to position
and direct the light, whether that means controlling
and positioning of the light, angling the light,
or tilting the light. And you can see how the
light falls on your subject before you take the shot. All of our continuous lights
are daylight-rated. So, that means they’re 5500 Kelvin
and that means it mimics natural daylight, so all your colours in your
photos or videos are natural. There are different bulbs available,
whether they be fluorescent or LED. Fluorescent bulbs are rated between
5,000 to 10,000 hours of lifespan. Compared to LED, it’s a little bit more energy efficient,
doesn’t produce much heat at all, and also lasts for about
50,000 to 100,000 hours of lifespan. Lastly, versatility is a key feature
for some of these starter lighting kits. That’s because you’re able to use the lighting setup
in different configurations, whether that’s a portrait shoot
or a product shoot. An example of this would
be a fashion label where you would be able
to use a lighting setup for photo shoot with a model or mannequin,
than using those same lights and purchasing a table separately
or a photo tent separately and shooting products
in your next product photo shoot. You can use these lights
in both photos and videos. So, what’s included in a typical
standard starter lighting kit? Firstly, is the light source. So, the light source is
comprised of a light stand, some sort of lighting modifier. So, that could be an umbrella
or a softbox. And a bulb or a light source. So, as mentioned earlier, this could be a fluorescent
bulb or an LED bulb. It may also have a backdrop stand
and some sort of backdrop material. Take a closer look at our backdrops video
which we’ll link up above if you want to go in-depth about
different types of paper backdrops or cotton muslin backdrops. So, that was just a
quick run through of some of our starter
studio lighting kits. You don’t have to
spend too much money to create professional
looking photos and videos. If this video has helped you in any way,
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