Blue Friday Starts November 12th at PRO EDU | Black Friday Photography Sale 2019

November 9, 2019 0 By Peter Engel

(upbeat music) – Baba Kabokeh! Genie here, I’ve been getting all
these requests for AMA and I thought it would be kind of fun. (upbeat music) First question, from Jess. Why aren’t you in a lamp? Well Jess, there’s bottle genies, there’s lamp genies, there’s a box genie and they’re Diaper Genies. Clearly, I’m a box genie, which I think is a pretty cool thing. (upbeat music) Why are you blue? It’s a quality control issue. I would never trust a genie, who isn’t classic genie blue. Are you blue everywhere? – [Lady] What? Okay, next question! (upbeat music) Daenerys, when can I win
my 15 K shopping spree? Well Daenerys, we are
so close on this one. I can feel my powers growing. (whooshing) (upbeat music)