Congressional App Challenge Submission Video- City Recycle Day App

October 6, 2019 0 By Peter Engel

Hello my name is Sabarish We are from Waukee, Iowa, and we developed the app City Recycle Day Our app is created for the city of Clive they are the customers of Metro Waste Authority and Waste Management We are planning to expand our app in the future for 14 other communities in and out of the Des Moines Metro of Iowa City Recycle Day contains many features One of those features is a calendar, which shows any upcoming events Another feature is that it will alert users if there any delays lastly users can receive reminders for pickup days and special events These are the technologies used in Clive Recycle Day app we used Android studio to code and design our app and then we were planning to use it to help push it to the Android Play Store For our back-end services we used Java to handle logic and user input we used xml from the user interface We use JSON to store data and then firebase to help push notifications in case of a weather delay or any other delay We use Bit bucket as a collaborative teamwork development tool so we can increase our productivity And we finally are planning to push it that app store as our phase 2 One of the great features of our app is its ability to notify you when your trash pick up days have changed The first thing you see when you open our app is the welcome screen the welcome screen first asks for your zip code in order To determine if you’re eligible for our app And then if you live east or west of i-80 35 to find out when your pick up days are It ask you for this information and the screen will only show up once because this information is stored for future reference The next screen you see is the calendar or the home screen Here the calendar displays your next pickup date and highlights it on the calendar for garbage and recycling pickup days It’s highlighted green and for garbage only pickup dates. It’s highlighted black My next pickup day is exactly one week from now this screen also includes a link to the settings page On the settings page you can choose how you’re notified You can be notified of greenlid pickup days blacklid pickup days or both You can be notified daily weekly both or never This also includes an option to reset and clear out all app data