Curso Online de Adobe Illustrator para tipografía, lettering y caligrafía – Domestika Basics

September 18, 2019 0 By Peter Engel

Hi, I’m Andrés Ochoa,
graphic designer and lettering artist, although you might know me
by my alias “Typebrain.” I work in lettering projects
since 2008, and I always use Adobe Illustrator to give strength
and character to my fonts. Millions of designers
and lettering artists use Illustrator for its excellent text tools. They allow you to add effects
and edit individual characters to create your lettering designs. This Illustrator Domestika
Basics consists of five courses in which you’ll get
an overview of the program, but also learn more in depth about the use of fonts
and type creation. In the first course, we’ll review
the basic aspects of Illustrator, we’ll learn the program’s structure and create a document. I’ll show you
how to save different formats and how to move around the work space. We’ll see how to create guides
and what layers are. Last, we’ll see how to create
and edit worktables and select objects to transform them
or change their position. In the second course, I’ll show you
how to create basic forms, and a trick to round your corners. We’ll learn about transformations,
I’ll show you how to organize objects and draw organic shapes, we’ll create text paragraphs, and we’ll go beyond black and white
to start using colors. In the third course,
we’ll see how to make the most of your fonts with OpenType and glyphs. We’ll also learn about variable fonts
and their deformations. In the fourth course, we’ll be ready to create our own types. The Bézier curves are Illustrator’s
most powerful tool, and I’ll show you
how to use them to perfection. I’ll explain the different ways
of creating a type, we’ll define parameters,
create guides, and I’ll show you how to work with layers
in an organized way. Last, I’ll show you
how to reuse stroke paths, and I’ll explain
what pixel perfect is. In the fifth course,
you’ll learn to decorate your letters, I’ll show you
the Find Stroke and Move tools, and also the clipping masks. We’ll create shadows, infills and simple patterns using blending, and we’ll give volume to our letters. We’ll also work on other details such as textures, light and shadows. Last, I’ll share some tips to easily zip up your file,
share it with others and send it to production. You don’t need any previous knowledge, only a love for letters
and a desire to learn. This Basics is aimed at all those who want to learn to draw and
manipulate types digitally. Adobe Illustrator for Typography,
Lettering and Calligraphy Learn from scratch to create,
vector and optimize your letters in a professional way Create. Share. Learn.