Curso Online de Adobe Photoshop para diseño web – Domestika Basics – Arturo Servín

October 4, 2019 0 By Peter Engel

Hi, I’m Arturo Servín. I’m a graphic designer
specializing in web design. I worked on the interface
of multiple online portals, e-commerce projects, and brand design. My aim is
to improve browsing experience through clean and functional designs. Adobe Photoshop has been the spearhead as one of the
most complete design tools. It’s ideal for the creation
of intuitive interfaces, and it allows for the creation
of responsive, fast-loading websites that improve user experience. This Photoshop Domestika Basics course
for web design consists of six courses, where you’ll learn
to design websites in all their formats. In the first course, you’ll learn
the program’s basic principles, from how to set up the interface
to define your work space, to how to create new documents
for different devices and formats in which your project will be used. In the second course, I’ll show you
how to design your website with the help of guides that will allow you
to create grids to define the layout and give structure
to all your site’s sections. In the third course,
you’ll learn in detail how to work with layers. This way, you’ll be able to keep
all the elements neatly arranged, you’ll know the different options
to place objects, and how to optimize
their performance within your website. The fourth course is about typography. You’ll learn what are
the most suitable typefaces for the web, and then edit your text with the tools offered by the program
to add formatting and styles. The fifth course focuses
on responsive design. In it, you’ll learn
to optimize your site’s format depending on the cellphone
and tablet model, while maintaining
your project’s design properties. In the sixth course, you’ll learn
to generate resources for your website. We’ll start by learning
about JPG, PNG and SVG, to decide on which format is
the most suitable for exporting. Then you’ll learn
to generate CSS styles, and finally, you’ll generate different sizes in the available formats
using the layer panel. All of this will help you
to put together your website working with the developers team. You’ll learn to use Photoshop
in a simple way, and your website will have a design
that every user will be grateful for. Adobe Photoshop for Web Design Learn to easily design
and lay responsive websites out Create. Share. Learn.