Dispersion Smoke Effect Photoshop Tutorial

October 14, 2019 0 By Peter Engel

in this tutorial I’m going to show you
how to transform this amazing photo into a dispersion smoke effect in Photoshop I
also used some smoke brushes you can easily find lots of them on Google some
of them are free I just used some brushes that I had in my computer for
some time before doing the first steps for this edit in Photoshop I want to say
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so first I need to find a good composition for my image I created a
16:9 ratio document and I will just drag the original image into
the new document before adjusting its size I want to right-click on it and
convert it to a smart object this way the photo will not lose any quality
while I’m scaling it up or down until I find the right positioning so right now
I’m trying to find a good spot and size for my subject and I’m gonna place her
somewhere around here now I need to separate the subject from the background
and then to adjust the background and stretch it up to fill up the
entire workspace I’m gonna select the model but I will focus my precision on
her left side because on the right side I will insert some smoke and an eventual
bad selection will not be visible I will grab the quick selection tool and try to
select the model I’m gonna make sure the left side is properly selected I can
hold the Z on the keyboard to zoom in and refine my selection keep in mind
that at any point if you want to deselect some areas just hold down alt
and brush over the areas that you don’t want to be included in your selection
okay looks good to me and now I will go up here click select and mask I will
zoom in a bit and use the refine edge brush to make sure I include some more
hair in my selection and in the same time I make sure that the rest of the
face and body have a good definition on the left side again I’m not focusing too
much on her right side when I’m done I make sure the smooth is set to 0.5 and
the output is set to selection I press ok and then ctrl + J to duplicate the
selection on a new layer and as you can see now I have the model on her own
layer so I’m done with this now let’s take care of the background I want to
maintain this layer as a smart object in case something happens so I will press
ctrl J to duplicate this one as well and I will hide the bottom one right click
on this one and choose rasterize layer’ I need to do this step because otherwise
I can’t use the content-aware fill so now I need to get rid of the model and
keep the background so the safest and quickest way to do it is to load the
selection of the model by holding down ctrl and clicking on this layer I have
the selection I will hide the top layer because I want to see what’s happening
with the background layer if I go to edit and content-aware fill you will
see that Photoshop does a good job filling in the area
with the correct texture but I still have a contour of the subject so how do
I solve this I need to expand my selection with some pixels so cancel
here and then go to select modify expand and I will choose 15 pixels you can see
now that the selection was expanded now if I go again to edit and content-aware
fill you will see that this result looks much better than the first one so I will
hit OK and this is the result to make it look better I would select the Healing
Brush tool I will sample different areas and try to clean up the background and
get rid of the areas that don’t look so good I recommend you to sample from
different areas if you want to avoid creating repeating patterns on the
background okay it’s time to fill in the empty space on the right side of the
document so I will simply choose the move tool go to edit content aware scale
hold down the shift and stretch this out I want to blur the background but I
would like to control the blur value at any point in the future so first I will
convert this layer to a smart object and then go to filters blur Gaussian blur
and I will enter six pixels for the radius if for any reason I would like to
change the blur intensity I can just double click here and I can easily
modify the value that’s the benefit of converting a layer to a smart object so
let’s move on we still have some work to do and I’m gonna start using those smoke
brushes right away but before that I need to duplicate this layer with the
subject I’m gonna apply smoke brushes on both however there will be some
differences I’m gonna rename the layers very quickly one and two and with the
second layer selected I will go to filter and liquify and now I will
stretch her hair and make it big this part is so fun and looks so weird but
when the smoke is applied it looks great sometimes the weirdest things in
Photoshop can turn into great things so don’t be afraid to try them out and
experiment ok I’m happy with this let’s hit ok now what I’m gonna do next is to
hold down the Alt and add a black layer mask to this layer to hide it completely
and I will do the same thing for this layer as well so now both layers are
hidden because of the black layer mask and for the moment I will work just with
layer one it’s time to use the smoke brushes I have them loaded already but
when you do this you just make sure the brush tool is selected just press B and
then right-click somewhere on the document click on the small icon and
then on import brushes you browse to the folder where the brushes are and
Photoshop will import them you will find them usually at the bottom of the list
ok so first on the layer 1, I make sure the mask is selected and from the mask
properties I just lower the intensity this will help me to see where I’m
applying the smoke brushes then with the brush tool a right-click
navigate to the smoke brushes folder i select the first one and let’s see how
to apply I will make sure my foreground color is set to white you can easily
reset these by pressing D on the keyboard and then instead of rotating
the brush I can hold down R on the keyboard and rotate the canvas until I
find a good spot to apply the first brush make sure you are at 100% opacity
and flow up here and then just press once
great now I can rotate again maybe make the brush smaller and press again and
right now I’m focusing on her face because I want to use different brushes
to unveil her nose lips and chin and in the same time to create these abstract
smoke trails on the hair when you want to use another brush just right-click on
the canvas and choose a different one I will choose number 3 for the moment I’m
rotating the image again to find a good spot and then click once so I will
repeat this same procedure a few more times okay I think this is enough you can take
the density slider and bring it back to 100% and let’s move to layer two I’m
selecting the mask and lower its density until about seventy seventy-five percent
and now I repeat the same procedure like on the previous layer painting with
white on the layer mask and revealing parts of the liquify effect where I
stretched out the model the key here is to use different sizes of the brushes so
I’m constantly changing both the size and the brush and also trying to paint
on the inside of the margins on this layer this is the reason why I try to lower
the density of the layer mask okay I’m finished with this and a quick tip here
when you want to rotate the document back like it was in the beginning is to
hold down Shift + R and rotate to the image it will jump once at 15 degrees so
you can easily put it back in place to be straight I can go back now to a
regular brush select the layer mask from layer 1 and with a flow of 20% just
paint over the parts of her face where you want to bring things back to 100%
opacity like it was in the beginning or if you want to hide some parts you can
press X to switch from white to black and then paint over the areas that you
don’t want to appear guys this is how you can use brushes in
a creative way to achieve a dispersion smoke effect in Photoshop I think it’s
cool this is the final image if you enjoyed this tutorial press the like and
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