Download Over 1,000 FREE High Quality Photoshop BRUSHES! Don’t Miss Out!

September 29, 2019 0 By Peter Engel

Hi, welcome back to the,
I’m Jesús Ramirez. In this video, I’m going to show you how you
can download over 1000 free high-quality Photoshop brushes from Adobe.
I’m also going to show you an efficient method for organizing your brushes, and I’m gonna
show you how you can make them available to you from anywhere.
You’re also gonna learn several time-saving keyboard shortcuts that I’m sure you’ll enjoy.
Okay, let’s get started. The first step is to select the Brush Tool.
Then from the Options bar, you can click on this dropdown, and you can right-click anywhere
you want really and select Get More Brushes. Or you can go into the Gear icon and click
on Get More Brushes. This will open up your browser and take it to an Adobe page with
over a thousand Photoshop brushes from Kyle Webster.
These are high-quality brushes. They come in different packs. I recommend
downloading them all and trying them out. The one that we’re gonna try out today is,
found here is called Concept. All you need to do is click on the download button to download
this pack. This will download an ABR file, which is an
Adobe brush file, and all you need to do is click on it to install it into Photoshop.
Photoshop has to be open for the brush to install.
If you have any problems installing the Photoshop brushes using this method, then go back into
Photoshop. Make sure that the Brush Tool is selected.
From the Options bar, click on the down-pointing arrow, then on the Gear icon and select Import
Brushes. Then find the ABR file on your computer and open it.
Now, that you’ve installed your Photoshop brushes, all you have to do is find the pack.
Click on the down-pointing arrow and scroll down. You’ll see all the brushes that you
have in your installation of Photoshop. You’ll notice that I have installed all of
Kyle Webster’s brushes. The one that I’m gonna work with is Concept.
Open the folder, and this is what I recommend that you do.
I recommend that you click on the first brush and create a new Layer and try out the brush.
Then switch over into the next brush, but instead of going into the dropdown and clicking
the next brush and then painting, you can use the keyboard shortcut;
which is the greater than key. That’s the same key as the period in most
American keyboards. Then you can simply paint with the new brush.
To go back into the previous brush, you can tap on the less than key, which is the same
key as a comma key in most American keyboards, and you can just switch through the different
brushes like this. And I believe that this pack is really powerful.
It has a whole bunch of different brushes that I think will help you in many different
scenarios. Really quickly, I’m just gonna show you a couple.
There’s a Clouds brush. I’m gonna Press D on the keyboard for my default colors, which
will make black my foreground color, so we can create smoke. Really cool Photoshop brushes.
There’re several Clouds brushes; I recommend trying them all.
There’s also a brush called Crazy Cracks where you can paint cracks like so, and I’m gonna
tap on the less than key to go to the previous version, which is also a Crack brush. So really,
really cool brushes. I’ll create a new Layer, and I’ll show you
just a few more before I show you this really cool technique on organizing the brushes that
you preview. So I’m just gonna go down, and I’m gonna find the Snow brush.
There’s a couple of Snow brushes here that are really cool for adding snow to your images.
This one here’s Snowfall, I’ll paint so that you can see what it looks like. You can also
resize your brush by tapping the left or right bracket keys on a keyboard.
Those are found next to the letter P. I would recommend going through all of these brushes
and finding the ones that you like and the ones that you think will help you in your
projects. Now, if you remember on Adobe’s website, you
can download over 1000 free Photoshop brushes. The problem is that there’re so many brushes,
and they might sometimes be difficult to find if you forget exactly which pack you got them
from or where in the pack they’re located or what they’re called.
So I’m gonna show you a technique that is going to allow you to save your favorite brushes,
and you’ll have access to them from anywhere. So what you need to do is create a new Library.
You can go into the Libraries tab. If you don’t see the tab, you can go into Window,
Libraries, then create a new Library. You can create a new Library by clicking on
this icon, the Flower menu and selecting Create New Library. Give it whatever name you like. I’m gonna call mine Favorite Brushes. Then I can simply start adding brushes into my Library. One way to do that is to click
on the Brushes panel. If you don’t see it, you can go into Window,
Brushes and the brush that you currently have active will be selected. If that’s the brush
that you want to save, you can simply click and drag that into the Libraries panel, and you will see it there. Currently, I’m viewing the contents of this
library by group, but I can change it to View by Type where I can see the type of the item
that is in that library. I’m gonna work with View by Groups so that I can organize my Photoshop
brushes in a much more efficient way. Start by creating a new group. Then name your
group. You should give it a name that describes the type of brushes that you’re going to save
inside of that group. For example, if you are saving Special Effects Brushes, then I
will call this group Effects and that will be my Special Effects Brushes group.
I can also create a new group by clicking on this icon, and I can call that Retouching.
So this could be my retouching brushes and all I need to do now at this point is select
the Brush Tool, start painting on my Layer just to see what that brush does. If I don’t
like it, I can skip to the next one by tapping on the greater than key, and I can just keep
going through all the different brushes just to see what they do.
If I find one that I like, I can click on the Brushes icon to open up the Brushes panel
and that brush will automatically be selected, and I can click and drag that into my Creative
Cloud Library. By default, it will go into the Not Grouped
section. So you can click and drag it into a group.
For example, the FX group or my Retouching group. In this case, this will be more of
a Special Effects Brush so I would drop it here.
So that’s the process. Go through all your free Photoshop brushes, find the ones that you like and save those onto a Creative Cloud Library. And you’ll have access to these brushes
from anywhere. So if you’re doing this process on your desktop,
once you save them into a Creative Cloud Library, you’ll also have access to the brushes in
your laptop. And to select the brush from the Libraries
panel is very easy. Just click on it.
So I can just click on this brush, which is a Snowfall brush.
And notice that Photoshop automatically switches over to that brush and then I can start painting
with it, and I can select the other brush that I saved anytime that I like.
Again, this is a really powerful method, and I hope that you incorporate it into your workflow.
Let me know in the comments below, which is your favorite Photoshop brush and in what
pack we can find it. Maybe we can make the comments of this video
a valuable resource for finding good Photoshop brushes.
Also, if you’re interested in making your own custom brush, then check out this video
on Making Custom Brushes From Any Photo. I’m sure that you’ll enjoy it. I’ll place the
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Thank you so much for watching, I’ll talk to you again in the next video.