Edward Craft, DO | Osteopathic Manipulation

January 14, 2020 0 By Peter Engel

– I’m Doctor Edward Craft. I’m the head of manipulation
for all three residency programs at St. John Medical Center, and specialize in manipulation
and sports medicine. I do isopathic manipulation,
which is similar to chiropractic work. Everything in the body is
connected by what we call fascial planes. I can poke on you in
some place, say your hip, and you say ow, my head hurts. What your describing is a trigger point. Sometimes there’s a good explanation, sometimes there’s not. But at least we can try and
work and fix the problem so it doesn’t hurt anymore. Well if there’s something
I can’t take care of, then we put you in the right direction, to either one of the sports
guys or orthopedic guys. I think a lot of times people think that something is acute, and it pops up three or four times and they don’t think that that means something, however to us, we look at the bigger picture of things. Hey maybe we need to check that out before it gets to be a problem. (light music)