Family Manipulation: What is it, and How to Recognize Its Warning Signs

December 9, 2019 0 By Peter Engel

Family Manipulation: What is it, and How to
Recognize Its Warning Signs Does family manipulation sound like something
new to you? You may be surprised to learn that manipulation
can come from anyone – be it partner, mom or dad … even siblings. Partner manipulation has become commonplace. Many people escaped this abusive relationship. However, manipulation is prevalent in all
types of relationships, apart from the intimate type. In fact, many people report that family manipulation
is also a problem. Mother, father, sisters, and brothers all
tend to be manipulative and abusive toward each other, and that can be a serious problem. Family manipulation of mental, physical, sexual,
or emotional abuse by family members against each other. This kind of violence is commonly used to
control others for various purposes. If you are lucky, you can have most of your
family members who are respectful and loving. So, here are some signs that will help you
recognize and overcome family manipulation. #1 – A family member who tries to control
others will lie to them a lot. Most of these lies are weak and will not be
strictly supervised. So if any of your family members are dishonest
to you, it’s good to try and find out their reasons behind the behavior. #2 – If a member of the narcissistic family
is trying to control you, one of the tools they will use is tacit treatment. It’s easy for them because they do not have
to do anything, and you will plead for them for their time. This is a very common and unhealthy manipulative
technique altogether. #3 – Anyone who is completely selfless will
never show the facts in front of others. If someone makes you have to know exactly
how their selfless attitude and how proud you are of them, then they must be manipulative. Now that you already know some signs of family
manipulation, here’s how to fix it … #1 – Find out which family members are the
victims of manipulation tactics. Then communicate your concerns with them as
a group. #2 – Reflect on what’s really going on inside
your own mind. What is the intrinsic thing of you, and which
has become an unconscious reaction to the manipulator. Do you think about what you want to think,
or what do others want you to think about? #3 – you have to limit yourself to the manipulator. After you’ve pondered what the manipulator
you want to think about, identify the boundary between you and the person who is manipulating
you. Then verbally and non verbally you have to
set a limit. Focus on preventing the person from influencing
your thoughts, feelings, and actions. #4 – Choose the environment in which you involve
the manipulator. People who want to control you, do it in a
place that will simplify their ultimate goal. They want you to be surrounded by others who
will support them. Choose a natural location when you are ready
to set verbal boundaries. #5 – Have patience, and be a bigger person. Manipulator depends on the pattern, to decide
this pattern takes time and effort. Be forgiving, and let the time and space manipulator
change the pattern. It is their choice, so if they choose not
to stop controlling others, then have patience and understanding for themselves. Well, that’s some tips to recognize the warning
signs of family manipulation, and how you can overcome it. Really cool information isn’t it? I hope you enjoy this short video, if you
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