Freehand sketching with variable width-strokes in Illustrator | DynamicSketch

September 25, 2019 0 By Peter Engel

To get varying thickness of line in Illustrator
you’d have to use the pencil tool and Width Tool. With DynamicSketch its one tool one
sketching action – and you get vector paths – with perfect point + width markers placement. Being a drawing tool you will find DynamicSketch
in the Pencil Tool stack. Once selected its automatically going to open the panel. We
could draw straight out of the box using the default settings. but let me explain how this
works. It is this part of the DynamicSketch panel
that allows you to sketch with Variable Width Strokes. These values are simply our minimum
and maximum stroke width. Tablets you are going to use the input of
Pressure, which means the more pressure you apply whilst sketching the thicker the line
is going to be. Mouse or trackpad you are going to have use the speed of your sketch
to vary the width. We’re all going to sketch differently so its important to customise
the graph curve to suit you – this is what suits me. As long as we don’t fundamentally edit the
paths by manually moving points, or joining or trimming any path we sketch using this
tool is going to remain dynamic, indicated by the ’s’ annotations. So we can adjust
the sketch accuracy, smoothness or variable stroke width after drawing. What you can also do is edit the paths with
the same tool – its going to act much like the Pencil Tool, though you don’t have to
have the path selected. Just remember to use the ‘e’ key whilst dragging when you don’t
want to edit an underlying path. Or if you prefer turn this editing mode off in the panel. More information on this real vector sketching
can be found in our dynamicsketch playlist.