Getting Started in App Design with Swift Programming | Columbia College Chicago Online

October 11, 2019 0 By Peter Engel

Do you find yourself spending a lot of
time on your iPhone? Maybe even playing the same game every day? Or possibly
using the camera to capture your memories? How does it all work on that
small device? Swift is a powerful and intuitive programming language for Apple
software. It is written using Apple’s Xcode IDE, which we will be utilizing
during this course. While enrolled in App Design with Swift Programming, you will
learn the process of development, and how to design apps from concept, to prototype,
to final product. It won’t stop there though—you’ll also learn the processes of
troubleshooting and prototyping, transferable skills for many areas of
design. You’ll walk away from this course with the knowledge of: how apps are
conceptualized, designed, animated and coded into fully functioning prototypes; art
direction in conjunction with development and how to balance creative
and technical decisions; how to implement menus; animated graphics; create sound
designs; and make use of the iPhone interface to manipulate media with user
input. In App Design with Swift Programming with Columbia College
Chicago Online, students will learn how to concept, plan and develop iPhone
applications. My name is Matt Steinke. I’m an artist, a designer and a developer.
I’ve been creating interactive content for 17 years. My professional practice
reflects a broad experience, and a variety of roles including programmer,
animator, designer, engineer and project manager. I’ve produced content for
Atmosphere Proximity, RGA, Viacom, Ogilvy, the Girl Scouts of America, Cramer-Krasselt, among others. I look forward to seeing you in App Design with Swift
Programming soon.