How to Add the Twitch Effect in Adobe Premiere Pro

January 16, 2020 0 By Peter Engel

What’s going on everyone my name is
Kellan Reck today you will be sent on a quest to acquire a new skill I’m sorry
what the twitch effect will be added to your arsenal
okay I’m just not quite understanding the twitch effect you’ll learn how to do
this whoa that’s pretty sweet alright so so
how do I do it one does not simply learn okay I’m just I’m not quite grasping
what you’re saying can’t you just tell well Adobe Premiere Pro that’s what I
used to make the effect yes got that right inside I’ll head to my computer
now oh okay that was easy enough all right so I’ve got premier here and I
have these two clips now can I use any clips for this is this like gay a
transition is that it overlay what is it here the twitch can be used in many
places okay great so these two beauty shots should work for me um okay so what
am i doing make single frame cuts at the Edit point okay it’s easy enough
alright I’ve got my cots Nell one intertwine the frames mixings the two
shots intertwine them okay so I’ll just flop these around okay now I add a
directional blur to a few of your frames a directional blur play with the blur
lengths in the direction to ramp into the full effect you don’t need to use
the blur on every frame but the key is mixing it up between frames so that the
blur appears to move and change that’s pretty easy I mean it looks pretty cool
it’s a nice little transition now duplicate one of your frames and drag
the duplicate above the measuring frame now try adding the arithmetic effect to
split the RGB levels place the arithmetic effect on this top frame go
ahead and change the operator to max max crank up the color your choice will go
with our blue value then adjust your opacity bring down a pasady now move the
position of this frame and enjoy the view that’s a very cool I’m just gonna
copy this over and have it that’s very cool now what if I did the
red that’s cool the twitch effect is fast and effective use it for
transitions overlays and more you’re gonna also need to have sound effects oh
I have to add sounds yeah obviously okay let’s try this I’m gonna throw this
sound effect in the description down below so you can download it and use it
for your own videos too that’s a pretty cool effect that’s really easy I never
knew you could do this that’s awesome thank you so much hello hello alright
well thanks for tuning in guys I’m glad we got to learn this lesson together it
seems like this twitch effect is a pretty pretty easy quick to do effect
that that works pretty well in certain scenarios so give it a shot let me know
what you do with it like and subscribe if you enjoyed the video and we’ll check
you back in the next one thanks guys