HOW TO DRAW a REALISTIC DIAMOND – digital art tutorial

August 29, 2019 0 By Peter Engel

How to draw a realistic diamond In this video we will be drawing a realistic diamond step by step If you follow this diamond drawing tutorial, you will be able to draw a diamond in Photoshop as well. It’s important to get some reference of diamonds though since drawing a diamond can be pretty complicated I’ll leave a link in the description to the reference photo I used for this diamond drawing. I don’t like working with a white background, so I’ll fill it with a blueish grey color. Next I’ll make a loose sketch, this is to get an idea of the size of the diamond and to roughly lay down the facets of the diamond. To make a more refined drawing of the diamond, we’ll turn on a grid. Go to view in the menu and then to Show and click Grid. The drawing of the diamond needs to be precise, so this grid will help us out. Make a new layer on top of the sketch layer and select the line tool. The line tool will help you make straight lines. Make sure you have the line tool set to Pixels I’ve set the opacity to 100% and the line weight to 3 pixels. Go over the sketch layer and try to be as precise as possible. Count the lines on the grid to find the exact middle for the bottom of the diamond. We have a clean line drawing now We’ll make new layers, one for the bottom part, one for the middle line and one for the top. Make a selection for each part and fill the layer with a grey tone. You can use the polygonal lasso tool to select the bottom part of the diamond Again, try to be as precise as possible. I vary the colors for filling the sections a bit to separate the shapes. The color isn’t important at this stage though. We have broken down the diamond into three parts, bottom, middle and top. But we need to break it down further. Hold CONTROL while clicking the thumbnail of the bottom layer to make a selection. Grab the polygonal lasso tool again and set it to ‘substract from selection’ this way we can cut off parts of the selection. We will break up the lower part of the bottom of the diamond into two parts. Make a new layer and fill this new (smaller) selection. We want to make sure every part of the diamond is on a separate layer. Now we’ll cut off the center part of this selection and fill a new layer again. Make a new layer beneath the bottom parts layers, this will be for the top part of the bottom of the diamond. Select every other facet of the diamond and fill the layer with a color. Next step is to select the entire bottom part of the diamond again by clicking the layer thumbnail while pressing CONTROL on your keyboard Select the layer you’ve just filled and then click the layer mask icon. The lower part of the diamond is now divided into four parts. We will be able to paint on each part separately. The bottom layer will let us paint here. The layer above will let us paint on these parts. The bottom half layer will let us paint here and the bottom sides layer will let us paint on these parts of the diamond. Let’s group these layers to keep things organized. We’ll use the same technique to separate all the parts of the top part of the diamond. Time to get to the next part of drawing a diamond I’ll pick a darker color for the background. It’ll make the diamond pop out later on. Let’s turn of the lines layer and tidy up the facets a bit You can easily use the polygonal lasso tool to adjust the facets a bit. Make sure you work on the right layers though. Once everything is nice and tidy, it’s time to start painting on top of the facets. We’ll be using layer clipping masks for this. Let’s start at the top. I’ll make a new layer on top of the ‘top top’ layer and select layer clipping mask. We will be laying down some color variation on the facets now. I use a round brush with slightly ragged edges for this, but a standard soft round brush would be fine as well. Check your reference photo while painting color on the diamond it doesn’t have to be all tidy right now, this will just be a base for the next fase of painting. Work through all the facet layers and use layer clipping masks for each part. For the next step we’ll make new layers on top of all the facet layers and use layer clipping masks again. It’s time to add details to each part of the diamond A diamond is full of sharp edges and sharp edged highlights, so we’ll use the polygonal lasso tool again. The polygonal lasso tool enables us to get very sharp edges, because we won’t be able to paint outside of the selection. Make random shapes on the facets and fill them with colors that are close to what you have already laid down. Some part will need very bright highlights. Be sure to check your reference material to see where you can add these shapes and highlights. This part of the painting process is very time consuming, but the effect will really be worth your time. Just stay patient. Phew! We made it! The diamond already looks pretty good and detailed right now, but we are going to add a little extra. Duplicate all your groups and merge the duplicated layers. You now have a merged version of the diamond. Grab a selection tool and right click on the diamond, then select Free Transform. Right click again and select Flip Vertical Move the flipped diamond to the bottom, this will become the reflection of the diamond. Next step is to go to Filter, then Blur Gallery and Path blur. Click on the bottom point of the Diamond and then on the bottom of your canvas. Double click to confirm this path.
You can adjust the speed of the blur a bit to suit your needs. Now that we have blurred the layer we will add a layer mask and paint on the mask with black. I use a soft round brush for this. The black will mask parts of the reflection. We want the reflection of the diamond to be more subtle. On a new layer you can add some more to the reflection with a soft round brush. Be sure to not make this reflection too bright. Using the same soft round brush we can add highlights to the diamond the last step in this diamond drawing tutorial! We’ll paint these highlights on a new layer. These highlights really give some sparkle to this diamond! I hope you enjoyed this diamond digital art tutorial. If you did, be sure to give this video a thumbs up, I really appreciate it if you do. Tomorrow I will be back with a new digital art tutorial, I will see you then, right?!