How To Edit Minecraft Textures using Photoshop CC and Add to a Custom Texture Pack Tutorial

September 29, 2019 0 By Peter Engel

Hi I’m George Peirson and in this Minecraft Texture Pack video I’ll be showing you how to change a texture inside of Adobe’s Photoshop program and then put it into a Minecraft Texture Pack and install that back into Minecraft. We working here with this dirt wall, I’ll show you how to change this dirt into something different and then we’ll come back here again and see how that has changed inside of the game. Now if you enjoy this video make sure you hit that Like button and of course Share and also Subscribe to my channel and help support this channel through Patreon so I can keep on making more of these videos. Okay let’s get to it. [Music] So we’ll be changing this dirt texture here and using Adobe’s Photoshop program to do that. Let’s go ahead close this down just get this out of the way here there we go. Now I need to be at this point where you have your assets available you also have these two files available if you missed my previous video on how to get to this point then you’ll find a link for that video in the description and also up there in the YouTube cards ok the first thing we need now is to bring up Photoshop CC and there’s Photoshop in behind our folder so look at the assets full learning if you don’t have this folder set to go take a look at my previous video and there are links of course in the description for that ok in the assets folder where it says Minecraft inside of minecraft come down here where it says textures inside of this here’s all of your textures all we care about right now is one of the very top that says block let’s open this one up and here are all of your different textures for all your blocks a lot of stuff in here there’s the beacon right there here’s bedrock right down here there’s bamboo with large leaves right there so all that stuff is in here it’s all alphabetical these are really really small files and that’s of course so that minecraft can run very quickly with all of that different complexity that has so I’m just going to scroll down here until I find the dirt there it is there’s our dirt it’s a PNG file you see right there it’s 16 by 16 PNG very very small file I’ll just drag it over here inside of Photoshop there it is about as small as you can get let’s just zoom in on that once you have the file open in Photoshop you can change anything you want on this to anything you look that you want keep in mind though that all of these different blocks have different reasons for being in the game this one is dirt yes this is underground dirt specifically it’s not dirt on top it’s not dirt that has grass on it it’s just the dirt without grass on it and without the top on it so this one has a specific function in the game so you want to have what it shows here to be similar to what it should be having in the game so we’ll make dirt into dirt we’ll do something real easy here in this quick video what does change the color of this thing so you can see how the color changes and how that works those corporate image come down to adjustments and I’ll grab the hue/saturation there we are let’s just give this a color shift we’ll go to come a nice green right there you’d be a little bit darker it’s like I’m a nice dark greenish color that’s kind of interesting of course I could change anything I want but we’ll keep it simple again for this video so there we go there’s our nice dark green color and then file and save and there it is so we’ve now opened this up from the assets folder and we’ve now saved it back into the same location with the same name that’s the important part make sure you keep the names the same okay we’re done with Photoshop now let’s get this out of the way back up here to our resource pack folder now we need to combine this this and this together into a zip file they can find both of these two files on my website and there’s a link for that in the description we can download these two files if you want to you know the pac PNG this is just a 128 by 128 PNG file so you can make your own if you want to on this it’s a PNG 24 yeah 128 by 128 any image you want is fine as long as it is that size right there 128 by 128 png-24 fly up okay let’s go ahead and zip these things up I’ll click on the assets and we’re using the whole folder you know minecraft everything in here the whole thing there we are click on that one I’ll hold the ctrl key down I’ll choose both of those as well right click and the program I use for this is 7-zip does a really good job that just come down here I’ll add this to you archive this lets you give this a name and i’ve been using cat in here as my scanner name else calls one cat 6 there we go it’s gonna be in these zip file format everything else can stay at the defaults choose ok it’s not going to zip the whole assets folder together and when it has done that this new zip file becomes our new resource pack or texture pack if you want to think of it as a texture pack you know let it finish this zip function once this is done we’ll then take this over into Minecraft and install it and see how it changes the look of our dirt wall that’s out there on the beach ok there we go cat 6 that’s our new file now let me pull up minecraft and I’ll show you how to install this back into Minecraft look at this minecraft back up again they have it not full screen as you can see what you want to do is to go over here into options and resource packs right there and where it says open resource pack folder click on that and here’s our resource pack folder these are the resource packs that I have installed right now inside of Minecraft okay so this get minecraft out of the way for a second just minimize that here’s one we just made all you have to do is copy this over into this resource packs folder all just right Mouse drag that over here and then choose copy so making a copy that that way in case I delete it over here I still have my copies over here so it’s just a nice safety so there it is copy it over we can now close this one down we’re done with that we’re also done with this and we can then bring back up minecraft and take a look at that change now we need to refresh our resource pack list so I’ll click on done and then go back into resource packs again and there it is there’s a new resource pack click on the arrow and that brings it over here into the selected resource packs these are currently installed ones it comes in at the top and that’s the right position the one at the top is the one we’ll be seeing you can change the position here if you want to just by moving this up or down just that easy little arrows right there we want it at the top in order to run that and have this as the currently used resource packs there we go we’re all set to go click on done let’s go ahead and launch and all this maximize our screen there it is click on done again back to game and there we go there’s our green wall so now change the dirt from brown over to green now I want to show you one thing about this if we walk over here to the left a little bit here some stuff over here now it isn’t the top blocks this is dirt that has grass on top so that’s different these are the dirt blocks that are just down just a touch from the top let’s just get rid of one of these things here and notice that the dirt underneath also is our new color so it’s going to change anything that’s showing inside of Minecraft right now over to that new resource pack look so there we go that’s all you have to do to edit and set up a new texture using the Adobe Photoshop program now in my next video for Photoshop we’ll be getting more involved in how to actually think about setting up a change for the whole look for Minecraft and we’ll take a look at doing all of the dirt and all the different parts you need to look at to change all of the dirt in the program so it has a consistent look throughout the whole program ok if you enjoyed this video make sure you hit that like button and share and of course subscribe and support my channel through patreon that let me keep on doing more of these videos and hope you have fun here playing with these resource packs [Music] you you