How to Make a Collage in Adobe Photoshop Elements 15 14 13 12 11 Tutorial

September 28, 2019 0 By Peter Engel

Back up to the Create button our next option is the photo collage and this will take your pictures and then lay them all out onto a big
sheet kind of a big mess of pictures. There we go, a big picture mess and this just prints locally, we don’t
have a Shutterfly option for the photo collage. But we can print standard sizes Notice that these sizes are kind of
scrapbook sizes Autofill select images, right down
below there. When you are ready to go to click on OK. Its going to grab all of the pictures that you have and then build
the photo collage out of all those images.
There we go. Once that’s done of course you can click on each one of those individual pictures and move or adjust it if you want to. You can change sizes, or position grab it and move it around where you want it to go. Notice there is some background color in there peeking through, a kind a green color
back there. On our way out we have some different looks These big mess looks in here. Let’s go to this different way. Let it use this different
layout, there we go Let’s go up to this layout which has some background showing there it is or these layouts And of course we have graphics to match. Click on image, double click on a frame for that image There we go. Let’s go over here and double click on the same frame I’ll give these images this thick black frame Let’s take this and bring this one in a bit further There we are, and of course backgrounds and lots of graphics in here. All the graphics are taken from the full graphic set but only the ones that match the current theme will be included. You can always change those later on. Let’s just change our background here, double click on a background. There’s that new background look. So there we go, that is working with the photo collage pretty straightforward
pretty simple let’s go back to our frames again. We have a lot of frame
options as you can see. This is probably our biggest choice. I think those frames are a bit much. I’m just seeing if they have anything else a little bit more subtle. Maybe one these basic gray green. So I’ll click on an image, double click… Had to download that frame but there we go Once it’s downloaded its on your system and it doesn’t need to be downloaded again. A little better and again once you’re
happy with your photo collage everything is where you want it just click on Save and then save that as a new project file. Right here in Photoshop
project format a PSE format Notice also as we are saving
all these they are also being included in the elements organizer so we will see those within the organizer and let that save, once it has saved then just click the close button to close down the editor thank you for watching my video I hope you found it useful if you like this video click on the like
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