How to Minecraft Steve Edit – Give your Minecraft Character a New Look Tutorial

September 23, 2019 0 By Peter Engel

Hi I’m George Peirson and in this Minecraft Texture video l will be doing the look of the main character right there which in the game of course is named Steve. Now if you liked this video make sure you hit that Like button, and of course Share, also Subscribe to my channel I do a bunch of videos every week, there’s my current schedule and I’ll also occasionally put in more videos in the in-between days as well. Okay let’s get to it Before watching this video make sure that you have also watched my video on how to create a custom texture pack first because we’ll be using information from that you have to know that information before you can actually go ahead and complete this part of the process okay let’s switch over to photoshop elements and take a look at the texture file for the Steve character there’s the Steve character on the left hand side let me show you where you will find that when the assets folder right now and again if you don’t know where all this stuff is take a look at my how to make a custom texture pack first and then you know all this basic information let’s go to the minecraft folder and then the textures folder of course and the one you want next is Rus as entity and then here scroll way down towards the bottom and you want that file right there it says Steve dot PNG de Steve PSD file that’s what I’ve been working on that’s my own Photoshop file but the one you want is the Steve dot PNG file right there okay when you open that one up you’ll have this basic file right here now it’s pretty confusing but if you compare this over here to the photographs of Steve here’s the front of Steve there’s the back of Steve so we can now decipher what we’re seeing in here to see over here first off the very top one up here that Erie there that’s the hit right there I’m going to zoom in on this just a little bit here and we can really see that well now I’ll stretch it out just a bit okay there’s the there’s the head of Steve and the face is right in here I mean just grab the marquee tool here so there is your face – goes down to here they reel the outline of course is getting in the way but the head is right there let me just hide that for a second there you go there’s the head right there over on the left side here this is one side of the head and then over here this is the other side of the head this is the back of the head right there and this is the top of the head and this over here is the bottom of the head or the neck area you don’t really ever see this unless you’re looking up from underneath Steve he’s above you and you’re looking at them like they can then see a little bit of this part if he turns his head so that’s the whole head area in here the hair is all of this dark stuff all the way over to here and then up in here that’s all the hair so if I wanted to has change the hair color that’s the area you would change if you want to change the skin tone it’s all the Browns in here and back over there a little bit and also down here this is the torso area and there’s a little bit right here of the skin tone that’s the chest area showing and that’s a bit of the neck right there so there’s your torso area chest and here’s all of the face color these are your eyes of course that’s your eye color right here and here if I make those blue does change those to blue that’s your nose in your mouth right there and those lots of pixelation going on in here a lot of pixelation over in here a lot of pixelation down around in there that just makes it look a bit more interesting see it’s more interesting over here by having just some texture in there you don’t have to have that but I think it adds a nice little detail okay so that is the head right in there the body is down here let me just bring this up and over a little bit that’s this section right here so this is the front of the body right there this is the back of the body in here and the side and the side that’s the top and that’s the bottom so there’s the front right through want to change the shirt that’s the front of the shirt right there over here is the side of the shirt this is the other side of the shirt right there let me just close those red lines you can see it better here we go there is the one side of the shirt those are the shirt kind of overlaps on the pants a little bit down here there’s the front there’s the other side and there is the back of this shirt you can see that over here this is the the dip right here is towards the middle of the shirt and there it is right there towards the middle of the shirt on the back on the front the dip is off here on the side and that’s the side right there for the front let us how that dip kind of goes over to the side a little bit right here as well so it wraps around just a little bit but that’s your friend all right after that we have a couple of odd pieces I’m going to zoom out just a little bit here back here to fit screen actually there we are and the first one here is the legs there’s one leg and here’s the other leg down here so they’re separate pieces but they can be the same coloration so they’ll that’s your legs right there and then slide that and your arms are right in here so there’s your arms so once you sear all the pieces are it’s not that difficult to come in and change the look there’s a few things to keep in mind and you can see it over here having some variation on the color in there like we’ll see you in here all this pixelation that just helps make it look more interesting if you’re a solid it wouldn’t be as interesting as having some pixelation so even if you want to have a real clean look give it a little bit of pixelation just to make things look a little bit better in there same thing for the back the shadow you can just ignore that that’s just added in by the game down below I always do my textures in photoshop elements it’s a good program for this but any graphics program will work in photoshop elements we have layers which I like quite a bit as you can see I’ve used the layers just to show these red outlines for you minister close that and close that down there it is without the outlines and there it is with some outlines but I’ll put in different variations in here so there is one variation with a spacesuit effect that when playing around with in here for Steve to wear so we have that as well so here’s the basic file right there and then all you have to do is go ahead and make any changes that you want make sure your changes stay within the boundaries in there of those areas anything going outside will simply not be used there’s no reason to bother with anything outside so keep everything inside the boundaries and then save the file back out as a PNG file back onto the same name and oh then work just fine inside of the Minecraft game let’s quickly show you how to select an area in here if you wanted to work on it let’s say I wanted to change the face in here of Steve what I like to do is just to grab my marquee tool up here and make a selection right around the area that I want to work with that’s the face so I know if I want to work on the face I’m working in this area here I want to change the coloration of the eyes for instance all I have to do is I’ll make a new layer up here but I normally does always copy this layer in this case it’s a right click and duplicate a layer and I’ll work on the copy so I always leave my original untouched what kind of a copy let’s just change those eyes to a nice blue color in here there we go and I’ll just grab the pencil tool on this one in there and there he now has blue eyes so it’s that easy to do and then simply save the whole thing out again now for saving it out and resetting up your texture file and all of that again take a look at my video for how to add this back into the texture file and get that tissue file back into minecraft go back again and take a look at my making a custom minecraft texture file and again there’s a link for that right up there right hand corner take a look at that video and you’ll see how to do that all process but again the basic thing here is to save it back out to the PNG file format in this case inside of Photoshop Elements it uses a save for web option right there most programs will just be using a save as option but you want png-8 and then just save right on top of your initial or original file well get a switch back over to minecraft and take a look what this looks like once we have our new file okay so if you’ve gone through the process again of compiling your assets folder with the pack type PNG and the pack MC meta file together into an archive and that’s all set to go go to options resource packs I have mine already copied over into the resource folder which is right here bring this up and there’s my new file called that one Steve and then I set it up here and here it is there’s T there’s my when I was just looking at this is the one I did in my last video last week on how to do a high density high quality textures so I’ll take our Steve file put this to the top there we go choose done it then reloads minecraft of course to reinstall that new texture pack click done again and back to game and there’s that new texture pack that’s that Steve in here as a kind of a spacesuit thing that I’m playing around with now I’m not really happy with the textures yet on this I’ll be putting in a bit more texture on that make it a bit more interesting I’ll do a bit more with the boots and put in some dividing lines for the elbows and knees I think but it’s getting pretty close you can see how that actually works so there we go it’s really that easy to create your own look for your character all you have to do is to edit that Steve dot PNG file ok so go back and take one last look at that file there it is and there’s this actually I might do this as a suit of armor instead do the spaceship or the space is a suit of armor I’ll play that idea maybe I’ll show that next week but there’s the Steve file and again you find this file may show you that again file open and if we go back here to the basic assets folder it’s inside minecraft inside textures inside entity right there in the scroll way down and it’s that one right there Steve dot PNG okay there we go over here on my Mars area I’m working on building a Mars habitat right now for Steve I’ll be putting him couple more other buildings in here this is going to be a glass dome and I’ll be putting in on my farm area inside this glass dome once that is finished so there we go let’s just take a look at his front again there’s his front and there’s the back side with that new texture again very easy to create just by editing that one Steve dot PNG file [Music]