How to paint a drawing (3 different ways) / Basic Photoshop Tutorial

September 20, 2019 0 By Peter Engel

hey guys welcome to another tutorial everyone has been asking me to do another one so what we’re gonna do is paint we’re gonna learn a lot of ways to paint a drawing with the base color we did on the other tutorial so here we are we have all things we did last time and you can see it with the eye popping the eye on and off so I warn you we’re not gonna need all of them so let’s choose this blue one and delete the other ones so you want to click and shift and click again to choose all of them and drag them to the trash so now we have both layers the sketch and the paint base color and what you want to do is click this it means that the transparent pixels are locked and now we’re gonna choose the paintbrush with a brush with size linked to pressure just a color skin color and now we’re gonna paint on this layer we chose and we’re painting okay so you can see that the color won’t leave the painted selection and we’re gonna outline the where the skin color would be really fast okay and really cool because you can mess up and it doesn’t matter because it won’t leave that place so we’re gonna choose the one to expand it a little bit and with the brush we can just brush and paint with the brush really fast the rest and you can select with control to it oh c’mon D on a Mac and now it’s done everything is one in one layer let’s put blue hair you can do it with the brush but since we did such a good job with the other one we’re going to choose the one tool and pick the hair on this layer you can see that the hair is the only thing selected because it’s a different color so with the bucket tool we’re gonna paint and that’s the fastest way even faster than the paint brush so now we have all of this on this layer and we’re gonna choose the hair again and we’re gonna do it’s really cool we’re gonna grab the gradient tool choose a color maybe pink and you can use the original gradient that is a lot and you can see that the color merges with the blue and it’s really cool it goes from a gradient but we’re gonna do it another way we’re gonna choose this circular gradient and we’re gonna do a few changes here and there okay this is to be a little smaller okay so we have um like a graded hair with pink details and I really love this we’re gonna grab the one tool and make sure the thing your period is clicked so we can select a lot of things at the same time and we’re gonna give a gradient also to do skin color so it looks cool maybe a purple okay so with the circular gradient we’re gonna give a little purple here in there since I’m messed up here we’re gonna choose alt to choose the color and with the brush tool we can paint the messed-up things so you can see that when I hide the lines everything has like their own place every color is in their own place and it’s locked with this symbol let’s create another layer and we’re gonna do the shading so let’s put it to multiply mode and pick a color like right blue with the brush though we’re gonna choose a brush with size and opacity linked to compression you can make sure that’s turned on here when you try a transparency okay paint pressure and pressure okay and we’re gonna paint the shadows really fast I really like this painting method you can also do like really hard shadows and not just the the opacity linked to the pen pressure so it looks more like anime or kind of that kind of stuff if you like that but I really like to paint my by myself so I do this more transparent look with the colors so I wish maybe you can learn how to paint really fast so you can keep up keep up with me but okay painting we’re gonna I’m painting with this really fast and the point of this tutorial is to find a way to paint everything fast and not waste any time like the other tutorials so you can make art faster and faster every time okay we’re done so now we have the base colors and the shadows and we’re gonna give a little white and our eyes and keep her blue eyes this looks really cute so these are the shadows on their own without the base colors but we’re gonna try to do another type of coloring list this is not the only way you can do this and this is not the one I would recommend so we’re gonna do the best one I like this one better so let’s start again let’s paint this again let’s forget this ever existed okay okay we’re we’re starting again so let’s create a new layer and once it is created give it a right click and create clipping mask and you can see it creates this little arrow at the end of the mask so what we’re gonna do is try to paint and you can see that their lines won’t come out of least selection we did at the first to watch this you can right click again and release the clipping mask and you can see the lines on our site so let’s put it on the clipping mask again so now that we have a clipping mask let’s go back yes and let’s select the lasso tool and draw this where this skin would be that’s okay let’s pick this and with the bucket tool you can go and select the skin color and think and you can see it is inside of the drawing with it you can also use the brush tool and paint it doesn’t matter what tool you use but the point is that the color won’t leave the space you painted before so if you release the clipping mask you can see it’s a mess but let’s put it back okay so on a new layer we’re gonna do the hair create a clipping mask again select the lasso tool and select around the hair and with the paint bucket we’re gonna paint again the blue oh I will messed up the selection I mean the mask has to be behind the Miss Qing Claire okay now it’s okay so you can see what the Deaf really fast and we didn’t waste any time so now we’re gonna do the gradient again with the pink and then I love this I love how how it looks so you can see that we did this really fast and we’re gonna create a nuclear mask for the shadows you can see that dragging and put it in between other clipping masks it’s our new clipping mask so let’s multiply this shadow layer and with the brush tool we’re gonna paint again the brush okay okay this is just wrong okay a light blue be okay and we’re gonna paint again the shadows when you fast I just love giving this dark color behind the hair like you know it’s behind her neck okay so you can see that the shadows are also inside of the colors we chose and it’s really cool because we want to leave them okay now let’s give it oh the white of the eyes I forgot and again and I really like this method because everything’s in its own layer and if you have to change anything like really fast you can go to the layer and change it and instead of the first time we did this where everything was doing one layer and maybe you’ll have problems later changing a collar so let’s select everything again with Shift + click and we can relate with the Delete key on the keyboard which is cool and faster also so we’re gonna pick the one tool for this next type of coloring and choose all of the color and we’re gonna click up this thingy up down here that means it creates a mask let’s create a new layer and you can see that drag in the mask it goes to the next layer and the first one loses it so inside of this layer you can use the brush tool to test it and you can see it won’t leave the edges like before but this is a new way to do it okay so what we’re gonna do okay let’s try test me anymore okay now we’re sure it’s the same drawing right let’s pick the lasso tool with the skin color and very fast outline everything that has skin color on this drawing and I messed up here so this thing appears to this like things so with the selected year that was wrong and with the bucket we’re gonna paint and this can call and deselect so with shift and click you can hide the mask and unhide it but let’s leave it like this let’s create a new layer and you can see I can drag the selection to the other side and it’s a mess so let’s leave the selection again and with the order selection let’s use the one tool and select everything again and click the selection the mask tool I mean and you can see we have a new layer with the same selection let’s call this skin and let’s call this hair and with the lasso tool we can pick really fast the hair and paint with a bucket and everything’s inside where it’s supposed to be so let’s do the gradient again which I’m not sure if you like this gradient thing but I’m super excited about doing like different color so that’s why I do it so much and I would love to see your results too so this time we’re not gonna do this shade anything everyone had it pretty clear we’ve done it twice already and I hope you enjoyed this video and learned a lot I’m gonna do a tutorial next time but this is the like the finished drawing I ended up in doing and it will come out next Friday on a speed painting video I hope you see it so please subscribe like this video and also follow me on my social medias you know I have a lot of things you don’t see here I love drawing sort of sketches so I hope this was helpful and I’ll see you next time bye