how to replace a picture background and make a collage without photoshop

December 13, 2019 0 By Peter Engel

I’m Victor Zaguskin from and today I’ll show you how you can remove
a background from a picture and replace it with a new one. We’ll use a program InstantMask
Pro from to do it. As a first step, we need to mark the areas
of foreground and background. A green marker marks the parts of the image we need and the
red one marks the parts we don’t need. It is quick and simple.
The button we click now is a selection preview. The green color highlights our object and
the red one shows the background parts. There are couple incorrect guesses, so we add more
marks before we can move on. Now we can go to the preview mode. We see
that there is some more work to do. Now we are going to use the tools called Foreground
and Background brush. The first one turns the area into the foreground and the second
makes it background. They actually do the opposite things, so if you make a mistake
you can use the second brush to undo first and vice versa.
Now let’s see what we can do with the background. First, we can make it transparent.
Second, we can select a solid color, for example red.
Third, we can select a semi-transparent color, specifying the alpha channel value.
There is one more option. It is possible to use another picture as a background to make
a collage. We open this view of London and scale it with background zoom button. Now
we can use a hand tool to position a man where we want.
Basically, that’s it. Now we just need to save our work. We open the export dialog and
type the file name. Now we press OK and we are done!
Thank you very much for watching! Now you can go to and download
Instantmask Pro! See you there and have a nice day!