How to Rope Drop Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge & Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios?

December 9, 2019 0 By Peter Engel

The Hollywood studios currently here to rope jump to a story limited on setting Make sure you guys check out my Hollywood studios vlog from yesterday If you guys have to see it full of everything here in the park today We’re mainly covering what rope drop is like with both Toy Story land and galaxy’s edge today We’re gonna do Toy Story land and galaxy’s edge We’re gonna do a toy story my first since when jariyah the people aren’t going to galaxy say so think about this job She planned out. Let’s see if it works right now The crowds in here are not looking as bad as it was whenever I was here for Toy Story land in June and I’ll have that video link down below if you guys like to see What Rope job is like for just Toy Story land by itself? We’re gonna try to squeeze up here As far as we can to get on slinky dog – it is currently 8:30 the park opens at 9 here’s a look at the crowds from So the park doesn’t open officially for another 20 minutes, but they should start walking us in here in about 10 to 15 But here’s what another look at the crowds You can see the crowds right there for Tower of Terror and rock and roller coasters already been felt All right, they are officially letting us through 15 minutes before official Park opening There’s about an equal amount of people going the toy sterling and galaxy said If you keep going to galaxies edge they’re going to turn you away So you cannot enter galaxies edge from Toy Story land if that is what you’re trying to do So you have to choose one side of the other right off of that? All right, we’re gonna start recording the time once we get in line. Just she I sense he fell over the weight is Great here at work truck. They currently on slinky done posted of it sixty five minute rate But I think at the line filtering through here, it shouldn’t be that bad Alright, it’s currently 852 and we just got past the fast past EOS and Understand my line. They didn’t open up any of this other queue yet. So that’s looking pretty good But there’s not much line ahead of us Once we get off the bridge to slinky dog – the keys moving We have those two lines to leave and then you’re in line for the attraction So this is actually pretty good here at MU in the cube. Slinky babies weird box Here we go 9:07 we’re off of slinky dog – I think it’s mainly because I was a single rider. I kind of skipped But Then we’re going to head over through galaxies and sinner and swindlers run one last I figured after the port open like a nine o’clock. They’d open up that joins the galaxy’s edge, but I said Votes for now. I’m not This side of galaxy said to everyone in 23 million, but it’s still gonna be a long night They would do that. So since an area is closed We’re gonna have to go out around the tiny sphere back on Grand Avenue and then into Star Wars way It’s not too too crowded right now So I think I want to stop off at this joffrey’s and see if I can have their donuts and allergy friendly So I cannot have the Japanese doughnuts. So I think I might go to this stand right here. Just get a churro for breakfast Make sure you’re looking down right here baby when you clean Anthony To see what the label is The food stain my weight is seven minutes, but when did you see your mother this morning? – for Personally Okay, there we go right potential for white connections to be called again, let’s go – come Push the flashing button to take off Wait, wait, wait my friends. I’m afraid we have big EE hitch Receivers I shot down for my fighters last night. I Was a goner but I was going to get engineering and Whoa, so, I’m glad that I was able to do that one last time It is currently 953 so that’s well like a half hour ish I’m gonna say goodbye to Star Wars lead one last. I know you’re doing Goodbye the millennium falcon gonna walk through the market and number two popular. No, sir for our last ride this morning Three times on this trip and explore a lot of doubts eventually I’ll have that video link to download if you would like to see more of an in-depth kind of first reaction of walking into this land because it’s all one last look Oh Beautiful Here is a location of the rise of the resistance attraction that will be opening on December 5th A lot of people keep getting confused because they think that this is the line for Smuggler’s run You can see there’s a lot of people there talking to that capstone We’re trying to figure out where smugglers run is I can see how that could be very confusing because you can see all the queue outside But that ride supposed to be incredible So I’m looking forward to riding that on my next trip walking back towards the front of the Chinese Theater. I just Don’t have like the brand new pins on it because they’ll bring it out fresh from the back that’s not out all day And that’s not always in that spot You’ll see them around the park sometimes so just keep an eye out for Different customers that are holding keyboards or have those pin trash cans or other fun like specialty cupboard Things that have pins on them because you may be able to find some really really big pins Because the boards aren’t out every single thing our last ride for this video is going to be rock and roller coaster single Rider I’m not going to be filming on the actual attraction But I’ll give you guys an idea of what the wait time is through the single rider line. The current weight is 65 The time is And just like that at 10:40 we ran around the roller coaster already so That really only leaves just a few rides left. If I were to continue my day here at Disney’s Hollywood Studios I think we’re gonna head on out and go to Epcot on the Disney skyline it right here on Hollywood Boulevard I think this is one of my favorite Christmas window displays So cute. So that’s gonna do it for us here at Disney’s Hollywood Studios We’re able to ride serene like big attractions Within the first two hours of park opening which I don’t think is terrible I probably could know a little better but I didn’t have breakfast before so we had to take a little stop for that and then I did a little bit of pain training which took up a couple minutes as well. So that was kind of on me But now we’re gonna hop on that Disney’s skyliner and head over to Epcot But I’m gonna end the video here and pick back up at the skyliner station and on our way to Epcot So make sure you guys stay tuned for my upcoming log coming very very soon along with my thoughts on Disney’s Skyliners system So I hope you guys have a wonderful day and make sure to subscribe to my channel for new videos every Tuesday And as always remember to do you love and to makes you happy and I’ll see you guys next time bye