How to Take a Picture from Video – Free and Easy with VLC

December 9, 2019 0 By Peter Engel

Hey everyone today, I’m going to show you how to capture a photo from video using a free piece of software called VLC media player so check it out Hey everyone, I’m Ken from Northern Viking Everyday And if you are new to this channel, it is all about reviews and how to’s so please consider subscribing It would really help me out So today I’m going to be showing you a really easy and free way to capture a photo from your videos using VLC media player if you’re like me you do a lot of video work and sometimes you want to just grab a photo to share on social media Or maybe you caught something cool like a bolt of lightning Then you want to turn into a photo and I cut a bolt of lightning last year So that’s what we’re gonna be working with today the first off Let’s just head over to the internet quickly and you can download VLC media player at Videoland org It’s open-source software and it’s available on windows linux or mac And if you’re using Linux or Mac I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below if the process is the same for you as for me on my Windows PC, but let’s open up a video clip here and I happen to know at 59 seconds. There’s a bolt of lightning so we’re gonna find that I know of three different ways that you can Turn these or capture photos from these videos so I’m gonna show you all three of those and then I actually after that I’m gonna show you how to change the file save location as it is Default to a certain location and maybe you want it to be Saved on your desktop and the setting for that is kind of tricky and it’s buried in there So I’ll show you that after I show you these three methods so at 59 Seconds right here. There is a bolt of lightning. Now if you hit ye on your keyboard you can go frame by frame And here you can see a that one’s pretty cool there So we’re gonna use that for our sample here and we’ll show you the first method It’s really easy to do just right click on your mouse and go down to the video Button here and then you can go to the bottom here and you’ll see take snapshot So if you just click on that, it’ll take that snapshot for you. So that’s the first way really easy to do And it’s right there in the settings so that’s the first way the second way on a Windows computer is shift and s so if I do that It’ll save another snapshot That’s actually probably the easiest if you’re using Linux I believe it’s ctrl alt s and if you’re on a Mac command Alt s so if any of you using Linux or Mac write in the comments section below if that works for you Now the third way to do this up here at the top under the video Button here. You can just click on that and scroll right to the bottom here and there is a take snapshot So that’s the third way three easy ways to grab snapshots here in VLC media player So let’s just go find those and then I’ll show you how to change the file save location So they’re right here in my pictures if that’s the default it puts them right in the picture sent section in my in my windows here and when I open it up you can see it doesn’t have any of the VLC media Information around it it is just a clear shot from my video. So That’s where that is located. And again that’s in my pictures section So let’s go ahead and go back to VLC and show you how to change the file save location I often when I’m doing this just want that picture to go right to my desktop. So it’s easy to access so right at the top you’re gonna want to click on tools and at the very bottom of that menu is preferences and It opens up the simple preferences section and you want to click on this pylon here at the top that says video And down here at the bottom. It says video snapshots and this and then directory underneath that. So if you click on browse here You’ll be able to just click on desktop if that’s where you want it to go or find a different menu and then just hit select folder and It should do that for you We’ll just hit save and let’s try and save this again and just make sure it goes to my desktop. So if we right-click video Take snapshot and it did save it there So let’s go see if it is on my desktop and it is it’s up here in the right-hand corner so we’ll open that up and There you go, and it’s that easy to take capture photos and take snapshots from your videos using VLC media player And so I hope this video helped you out in what you were looking for If it did make sure to give it a thumbs up Leave me a comment in the comment section down below and don’t forget to subscribe to Northern Viking Everyday So I got tons of videos coming up that I would love to share with you Thank you so much for watching today and take care