How to Vectorize Pixel Based Art with Image Trace in Adobe Illustrator

September 20, 2019 0 By Peter Engel

Hey I’m going to show you how to what is
it called make money and sell out today I’m going to show you how to vectorize
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okay so let’s go ahead and dive right on into this tutorial let me pull up my
webcam and show ya who’s still recording as we are okay so here is the artwork
that our client has provided they have asked me to vectorize this art so we’re
going to do is we’re going to quickly vectorize it turn it out and we’ll make
a little bit of money off of this we’ll show you how you guys can do that as
well you’ll get requests from clients that
want art vectorize and here’s a really quick and fast solution to be able to
vectorize it okay so here is the art that the client has provided it is a PNG
so that is great obviously you can see that it is white so I’m going to show
you how would go about vectorizing this artwork taking it from a pixel base
piece of artwork and turning it into vector so one of the first things I’m
going to do is I am going to I’m just going to take a look at the image size
real quick it is 10 inches wide by 3 inches high at 400 dpi so that’s great
so great piece of art to start out with so the next thing I’m going to do is I’m
going to go to canvas size and I think I’ll just go ahead and make the
an inch bigger by each dimension and I’m going to hit okay I’m gonna make sure
just stay centered and the reason for doing that is right here on this side if
we I’m gonna hit undo command Z if I left it this way and brought it into
illustrator sometimes this can end up just being a flat edge so we’re gonna go
back by hitting command Z getting right back to where we were at so the next
thing I’m going to do is I’m gonna go to image mode and I’m gonna turn to Grace
go now I’m going to hit command I on the keyboard to inverse it now it’s black it
will have a much better chance or illustrator will do a better job at
vector rising this if once we bring it in as a JPEG with the white background
and black text or black artwork it’ll just do a better job vectorizing good so
here we are I’m just gonna go ahead and flatten this I’m gonna go over here to
my layers click on this little icon here and then we’re gonna go to flatten image
now I’m going to take my zoom glass I’m gonna double click on this you can see
that the edges are pretty crisp but one of the little tricks that you do want to
do is I’m going to res this up it’s that way there will be that much more
information for Adobe Illustrator to be able to do vectorize this piece of art
so I hit command option I and the next thing I’m going to do I’m really going
to crank up the resolution on this I’m just going to go ahead and turn it to
1200 dpi that will increase the size of this image big time and that will allow
us to vectorize this image and get a nice crisp clean vectorize image now if
we were to zoom in here on some of these edges you can see it’s kind of feathered
just a little bit so what I’m going to do is I’m going to hit command l and
then we’re just going to kind of compress this a little bit to get rid of
some of that feathered edge you can see that it’s kind of disappeared a little
bit so I’m gonna hit OK this is pretty good so now what we’re going to do I’m
gonna hit command shift + S that is save as for your quick command you can just
go to file and save as so we’re just going to
go ahead and save this as a tiff I’m going to put it inside my job folder I
like to keep things very organized I’m not going to use any kind of compression
or zip or anything like that I’m going to hit OK and I’m gonna hit command W
just to close this file out we’re all finished in Photoshop next thing we’re
going to do is hit create new you can hit command in on the keyboard and at
this point it will bring up a new document and we’ll just keep it letter
size we’ll use that and because it is a landscape logo we’ll just click on the
the landscape orientation here I’m gonna hit create command 0 real quick just to
Center this command shift and P that way we can place the artwork let’s go find
our artwork real quick and here’s the tip that we created we’re going to go
ahead and place that inside the the artboard or onto the artboard really
quick all I do is click and here we are so the next thing I’m going to do make
sure this is selected and we’re going to click on image trace and this will take
a moment for it to trace it off it’s a really high resolution image and you can
see that it did a fairly good job tracing it off however there are some of
these rounded edges what we have to do at this point is we’re going to click on
this little box here and this is going to bring up some of our options I’m
going to zoom back in on some of these hard edges and what I’m going to do is
I’m going to increase the threshold a little bit see if it fills in some of
these corners looks like it just made it a little bolder one of the things we
need to keep an eye on is what’s going on with this registration mark here so
we might pull it back a little bit because it’s starting to fill in here
somewhat so let’s pull that back a little bit until it starts to look
normal and we’re going to bump that up and just kind of play around with it a
little bit and we just don’t want it to connect so I think that’s a good kind of
medium point right there now it’s the past we’re gonna play with the paths and
if you do not see this on your computer all I have to do is click this this
little drop-down arrow here on your image trace palette your window your
palette whatever you want to call it and we’re gonna play with some of these
values here until it starts looking a little sharper and you can go to each of
the extremes see what it does for you I might even want to try and pull it all
the way back and there we go that’s looking a lot better we got some pretty
sharp edges here looks as if it’s the actual real font
pass here are nice and smooth however the only issue is as this little circle
ARB but we’ll get into that here in a moment and perhaps this sign here so one
of the things that I do like to do evaluate this real quick that looks
great so one of the things we can do so I’m
going to zoom out I’m just gonna grab it and hold option and then hold shift and
we’re gonna clone that off real quick I’m happy with the way this looks this
ampersand you could use your tracing results you can fiddle around with some
of these options and it will show you the outline versus what the the actual
image looks like so the images that had pulled off here over to the side this is
one that’s going off of I mean for the most part this is looking pretty good
the reason I drag this image off here is just because if for some reason this
part of the logo wasn’t looking all that great some of the things you can do is
you can clone these images off and then pull around with your your values and
take certain parts from one image trace and combine it with another some of the
things that that have kind of worked out really well so at this point the only
thing that is looking kind of wonky is just the the option are here so let’s
click on this we’ll go back to the results with outlines and we can see
that our option or excuse me the registration mark looks a little goofy
here I’m going to go back to the original image and we can see that
that’s not how it should appear we know that’s not how it should appear so well
I’m going to go ahead and do at this point is I’m going to hit expand I’m
going to hit a on the keyboard click off of the art click the white go to select
same and fill color and what that will do is select the rest
of these parts like the inside of the to fill the pea here know we hit delete on
the keyboard now at this point going to go ahead and get rid of that I can hit V
on the keyboard get my little marquee tool back my selection tool excuse me
and we’ve got this vectorize pretty much for the most part aside from this option
R so what I’m going to do so I’m gonna hit T on the keyboard I’m just going to
click hold option down and hit R so there’s our little option arm you can
change your fonts up let’s say maybe we’ll use Helvetica really quick tends
to be a pretty good go-to perhaps maybe that bold maybe regular I’m gonna hold
command shift and hit o that will turn it to outlines and then we can scale
this dude down looks like it probably should have been
a bold so I’m going to hit command Z to back up let’s go to the bold really and
truly one of the things you could do as well is I could have taken this font
here in Photoshop selected this whole line went over to what what fun is and
then just reset this whole fun and redrew this but this is a really quick
efficient way to vectorize your art command shift and oh we converted that
doubt lines again and I think that’s close enough
our clients won’t be able to tell the difference and I think this will work
absolutely fine for these purposes and we’re getting the job done really
quickly so I hit command X to cut that registration symbol now I’m double
clicking on the image that way we’re going with inside our group and I’m just
going to delete each of these by selecting them now I’m going to hit
command F the pace in front and there it is I’m going to double click outside of
the image area and the art is all vectorize we’ve taken a piece of pixel
based artwork and we have vectorize it we hit command Y and you can see that it
is a piece of vector artwork thanks for tuning in guys I really do appreciate it
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