Hypersonic Music Club Adobe Illustrator REAL TIME DRAWING TUTORIAL|Japanese Anime Style How to Draw

December 11, 2019 0 By Peter Engel

The clothes I am wearing today, you can actually also buy them internationally. Be sure to check them out! (link in the description) An octopus is coming out of my head! Do you listen to Idol music? When I got ill, I felt kinda happy. Hyper Kimura U Yeah, Hyper Kimura U! Is it ok to show all your drawing techniques? I usually don’t divide the layers My drawing style can be a bit of a pain. There are easier ways to draw, but you still prefer this style? Today, I am wearing a special collaboration item : Galaxxxy & Crunchroll presents Hypersonic Music Club And I did a makeup style that would go with this series. Today I have the artist of Hypersonic Music Club here with me: Takahashi Hiroyuki will take my picture as a template in order to create an original piece. So this is Takahashi Hiroyuki. Hello. -That was a low-key introduction. -Let’s have a good time. What type of artwork will you be creating today? What type of art will I create? Let’s find out while talking. Let’s take it step by step. Let’s start off then. Let’s do it! There are a lot of Katakana characters on your top. Yes there are. I will take this picture as sample. This is the picture that we literally just took earlier. We got it quickly edited. Have you edited other people’s pictures before? I sometimes do. This looks good. This looks alright so far? I will start by changing your face into an illustration. Into an illustration? Like that. Wow that is… This must be the famous Pezier curves. It’s “Bezier” curves. Bezier curves?? – Yes, Bezier – I thought it was Pezier all along! So it is Bezier curves and you’re trimming it. The start is a little boring … but once you’ve done that the rest is easy. It’s nice to see this being done in real time. Wow you are quick! Do you only use a mouse? Yes, only a mouse. I bought a tablet but it just didn’t work with my drawing style. It’s easier with a mouse? – Much easier. What will happen next? Is my face gone? -It’s gone! I have no face! I want to keep checking your face while drawing. Wow my face is completely gone. I wonder what you are thinking right now. AH! My face is back. Looking and drawing. Sometimes you draw characters with completely red faces… don’t you? — Yes, that is true. Is that something… that you have in your mind… …of an ideal human being or an image of that sort? You mean the red face? Perhaps you have the Japanese “Oni” demons in mind? -Not demons – Humans? -They are humans – Really humans? Amazing. Almost like a work of god. It probably won’t look like you at first, but I will adjust it later so be patient. At the start you are just using simple lines. Exactly. So that’s how it goes. You are so quick. Fast hands. From this blank state it will transform into a proper drawing. It’s still rough though. Amazing. -To make the face softer, I’m going to redraw the face. – OK How does this transforms into a finished drawing? I see you start everything using black lines. Correct. Everything starts with black. and then I change it. Balancing it out. And, the coloring comes last. What counts the most are the lines. So you make the overall shape with the lines and -and give life to it. — Give life. That’s it. It has a very strange looking face right now. Each and every one of them will be adjusted. What is “in” for you right now? A little private question on the side… What I am “into” right now? By the way, at what age did you start all this? All of this? Drawings, I have done since I was little, What about using this illustrator program? The illustrator I started using later on in my life. How many years? I have used it for 10 years now – Amazing. Great. I always drew by hand. Did you start off with “live painting” like you showed me the other day? or… did your job start with drawings just illustrations? Ah well… At the beginning , when I was looking for a place to display my art work, -it was at a dancing club – A Club?? My start was doing live paintings at a club. What a cool start. I wasn’t really good at selling my work on the streets, I also didn’t want to display my work at “Design Festa” art events. Were there a lot of people doing live painting in clubs back then? There actually were a lot! Hip hop was “in” back then. Surprising! You were a hip hopper? Yes, I really like hip hop. Could’t imagine that! I didn’t know that! -That is why it’s Hyper Sonic! It’s connected to club music! – Maybe so. So you have a hip hop soul beneath your work. It must be there. Has your art work always been this colorful? Not really. My work was full of teenager-like tastes. Like a kid going through puberty! Mostly using gray colors. When did you start using colors? Probably when I started to work in clubs and stuff. People in clubs are flashy, so… Right. Amazing, look… The pupils are in. It still doesn’t look cute. Are the eyes too square? Maybe not. The eyes are round at this point. I’ve worn yellows and pinks in order to match with the character you’ve designed. I see. I didn’t know it was that character. Thank you. But the eyebrows are from this character right here, so it’s all mixed up. It’s becoming more human-like. Just a bit – Yes, when the pupils are in. Let’s hide this bit.. It’s like an eye shadow. Gone? I just hid it since it’s hard to see. Amazing. It is all full of your techniques. This isn’t so cute. Which type of face is your favorite? Face? – There are a lots of face types. It could be a type of face you like to draw. Or let’s say for example you like almond eyes… My type depends on the time. – You mean trends? When I continuously draw cute faces, all of a sudden I want to draw cool faces. I’m actually not good at drawing “MOE” or cute faces. Are you serious? – Yes. It’s so hard to draw them. I’m better off drawing straight expressions than smiley faces. It must be that hot blood from your time in the clubs. Cool rather than “MOE”. I’m probably better at drawing almond eyes. In comparison. Nice, nice. Different eyes. Well, I do have… almond eyes. Oh my. I didn’t have that impression. I hated my almond eyes so I used makeup to make them droopy and rounder. I had the impression that your characters have almond eyes, so when I did the makeup, I drew my eye line upwards. I see it. Pretty almond shaped. The face has become bigger! I’m balancing this out. I’ve seen a lot of your work converting real life picture into drawings. Real life pictures into drawings? Drawings which looks exactly like real life pictures. – True. Do you do those types of projects often? It all depends on the client – Of course. I just used to be a pure fan of your work, and would search and download your work online. I happened to come across a cute girl with red hair. That piece of work was a collaboration, that was based on a photograph. – I didn’t know that! The eyes changed to blue! The eyes turned blue! – Turned blue! Oh, you mean the white of the eye! To be honest, I don’t like to keep the white of the eye in white. What? – I make it a little blue, or shade it in other colors. Some of your characters have black eyes – Yes, there are. So cute. Shall try black eyes then? – Really? That would look scary! Maybe not such a good idea. Nice. So you don’t have many characters that keep the white in their eyes? Right – Ah, this one has a greenish eyes as well. I don’t use the color white often. Making it yellow or blue-ish. Why don’t you like white eyes? Not only white, but I don’t use black as well. I don’t like it. First time I’ve met someone who hates white eyes. I just don’t want to use white. Really? – I don’t like to use black as well. You have this “thing” with using colors, right? I think using black makes it look too strong. Even the current black makes it look too strong. So you thin it out later on? – Yes. Or else, it will stand out too much. It makes it look too strong Too vivid. It’s true. When you look closely, the lines aren’t actually black. The eyes are a little blue when you look closely. That’s right! The nose has become smaller! Let’s make it more cartoon like. Now it’s starting to look like some of your drawings. Yes. I want to see it in a reverse angle. You can then see which angles are not quite right. Do you check in reverse every time? Yes. There are times when the reverse angle actually becomes the final piece. I sometimes look at my drawings in a reverse angle as well. Many times the lines shift when seen them in reverse. Is there a basic tip or solution on how to draw? For example where the eyes should be. Start by drawing the cross on the face and then the face to balanced around it. But I’m free drawing right now. Usually you would draw using the cross, right? – Not really. I usually adjust whilst drawing. Oh really. You are teaching at a design and fashion school, right? When you do drawings, are the basics very important? How can I put it… That’s a tough question. It’s not always necessary but… but it doesn’t hurt to know the basics. So that is true. Cool. The lines. I’m just changing it a little bit. This is looking good. The accents are visible. When I draw the lashes, it’ll look cute – I can’t wait! I didn’t know you moved it around like this. It’s not a flashy job – But you are fast. It’s even faster than just drawing using Photoshop. Amazing. I wish I could use it freely like this. This? What was it? The Bezier curves? – Bezier curves. I’m just terrible with the Bezier curves. I think they are quite challenging. Not surprised there. You see my drawing like this right now but, when I first tried this, I didn’t think anyone could use this thing for drawing. But in the end, you chose to do it like this. Why? Well, I have this little fetish over curves. Fetish over curves! I had the urge to draw beautiful curves. And, since Illustrator is not using dots it was the tool of choice… It stays beautiful all the time – Right – With beautiful lines. Even if you zoom into it, you don’t see any dots. That’s why I love it…and it’s becoming cute! It’s coming closer to your style. Wow. Amazing. Since I am used to this style I find it difficult to draw cute or MOE characters. But the drawing you drew of my characters — “Pista & Chio”— was… really really cute. Really? I guess the original was just too cute. That was a typical MOE MOE character. I was so impressed. I’ve met the person who drew it. Oh really? Well she’s a clubber as well. I met her at an Anime Song event. We talked about our work. Oh really? Have you heard of the event “Nonai Kaiho”? Isn’t that taking place tonight? It’s taking place in Shinjuku tonight. I wanted to contact the illustrator of the event poster, So, I called the person in charge of NONAI-KAIHO, and asked for her contact – So that’s how it started? That is how it began. When I contacted her, she was already following me. She was your fan? She’s come to my live performances before. She must have been thrilled when you contacted her. I hope so! Oh look! It’s so cute! When the lights are drawn into the eyes, they sparkle! It’s looking good! Cute! The eyes of the drawing are 3 times larger than those of the real me! You know, when I try to draw it as the picture- it’s smaller, isn’t it? Look! The size of the eyes are totally different! The size of the face has changed as well. I thought a bigger face will make it look even more cute. Wow It’s sticking out… Let’s hide it. Is it ok to have everyone see your drawing techniques? Well, I have already published a few books on how to draw like that. Many books, actually. But…people don’t seem to do what I explain in the books. Well, people who admire you would buy the book, and look through it.. and just fail to do it Even I myself think that my drawing style is such a hassle. There must be a much easier basic way to draw, but you still go with this style, right? –Mmmm… Eyebrows. They are gradation eyebrows. It’s just a coincidence. When the eyebrows are in different colors, it will look cute. Which color do you like? – Hmm..which color? Let’s adjust it to your taste. Chosen by KIMURA U. – My choice of color! I have these eyebrows with this character in mind. Let’s see. Pink. Ah, the green is also cute. I think pink looks better. Let’s go with pink. This character has short eyebrows line in the old Japanese style . Yep. Let’s make it short. Do you like short type eyebrows? You got me there. Do you like the old traditional Japanese taste? Yes I do. I feel it matches my art style. This design of old traditional Japanese style and… a slice of eccentric style gets combined? I guess the style that is recognized around the world is the traditional Japanese style combined with vibrant colors, which makes up your unique and original style. I think when I first took it abroad, I didn’t think it much but.. when I took it to France and other countries they told me about it. My first break through was an event in France. Was it at Japan Expo? It was a totally different fashion event called Premiere Vision. Premiere Vision? It was like a trade fair to decide the new trends in fashion. I initially went there to sell my textile design. You were actually designing textiles? Yes, but I also took drawings like this with me since I loved to draw. Somehow people loved my drawings more. They told me they had a very Japanese originality. So that is how. I couldn’t compete with other designs. How was the artwork of the French? Their artwork was beautiful and skilled. By the way, what are you doing now? I’m just adding a little plumpiness on the lips. Plumpiness! By giving it a little shadow? Or just adding some colors to the mouth. It’s pretty easy, just adding a bit of color. Is this like blending? A gradation? It’s not even a gradation. I just added a simple circle – A circle! I just added a gradation circle. Something like this. I just placed one. – I see, I see! This is called “multiply” and makes the colors overlap. “Multiply”! I have never used this feature. Amazing. This part is too excessive. So that is your technique. I don’t use so much of those difficult gradations and stuff. When you overlap many layers on parts on Illustrator, it becomes quite an amount, doesn’t it? Don’t you ever get lost in it? I don’t usually divide the layers. What? In my usual drawings, I only end up with about 2 layers. 2 or 3 layers. -Aren’t those layered? With this one I only have one layer. My goodness it’s true! I don’t divide the layers. Don’t you end up in a terrible situation when you don’t divide them? No problem for me. Splendid Since the original purpose of Illustrator software is not for drawing, It feels like a chore, even when drawing. Dividing the layer makes it feel even more like a chore. It makes me feel sick when I do so… It makes you wonder if you’re drawing or just doing procedural work. That’s so strange. It would be a disaster if you don’t divide layers on Photoshop. I agree. A disaster waiting to happen in Photoshop. It’s ok not to divide on Illustrator? – It should be fine. Right. Don’t you select too many parts all at once? That happens some times. You can manage it? – Yes I can. I don’t make many corrections. You seem to work so fast. My drawings are pretty unique, and I get work thanks to that. I am lucky because I am pretty much never asked for corrections, that is how I get through. Amazing. If you need to make many corrections, that’ll startle you. It would be so hard if you get many corrections, like graphic designers or animators have for examples. Since your style is unique, I guess you don’t get that many corrections. Let’s make the eyebrows striped. Striped? The pattern came automatically! Automatic pattern? How did you make that? This is called a swatch Swatch. If you insert a pattern in here, it will appear automatically. That’s wonderful. You can tilt it as well. You’re using the full potential. I will buy your book. Is this technique in the book? This drawing technique is on it, but it’s so hard to explain it in written words. It’s maybe easier to see how I draw it. I want this video. I probably won’t get the meaning if I just read it. I guess it’s because my work is complicated. I seem to wiz through it but… when I put this into words, even as the one explaining it, I probably won’t get it. It’s hard work just putting into words! That’s real hard work. – Real hard. Nice. Just by adding the “multiply” it changes the look completely. Drawing it in around the face will make it look a bit cuter. A bit cuter! It’s really cute. The top is blue, the bottom is pink? OK. I copied that look exactly from your drawings! So cute. Eye shadow added. After I finish this facial part, I’m doing the collage part. Just getting it done with speed. You can go even faster? The roll out is kind of slow so… It’s really interesting. I want to draw a few dots under the eye. You’re right. I’ve seen these in your drawings. Did you originally like the Harajuku style? I’m not so sure. What do I actually like? You do have a lot of Harajuku style girls in your drawings.. Decora. Maybe I do like Decora styles. Do you visit Harajuku often? Not as much…well, may be I do. I go more than others I guess. I don’t go there for shopping. I just go there to walk around. So do you get some of your inspirations during those walks? Yes, I probably do get inspired during those walks.. Or not… Is it still the clubs that get you inspired? Yes. I get inspired for a lot of images through sound. Sound? You know the music score? You put sound onto those sheets, right? It’s pretty similar for me with drawings. So you draw as if you write music on a music score? Something like that. I draw the rhythm. Drawing a rhythm? In a sense, yes. Your words are those of a genius. The rhythm. I also need music when I draw. I used to listen to the radio, but nothing came to my mind. So I usually listen to vocaloids in fact. When drawing? – Yes. Human voices don’t work. True. Your image gets swerved by the human voice – You agree? As much as I’ve said that drawing is a rhythm, I don’t listen to music when I draw. What now?! – No sound. So you just continue to draw in silence? Yes. This clicking sound just echos in my room. Once, I was so concentrated in my work, I didn’t eat any food. And I got sick. Yes, I heard you got sick. -I had to be hospitalized. I got a feeling that artists end up living such a life. I was actually a little happy when I fell ill, for that reason. I thought “I’ve become part of the artist society” “I’m a person who is in the zone” After that, you watched out for your health? I’ve gained weight after I started eating well. And an accident? – Yes I got into a car accident. The car accident was.. well I just jumped out. You do have a clumsy side, don’t you? I’m actually really clumsy. I get injured very easily. Same for me, too. I often fall down the stairs. I trip easily on the street. We’re alike. During the day, I always tend to think “What should I draw next?” Me too. When I’m thinking and walking, my leg get twisted sometimes… and I trip. Twisting, twisting. So cute! It’s got a lot of streaks! I gotta blend this part in… or the face will stand out. By putting this in, it’ll blend in. Making the borders more vague. I don’t need that there. This looks so neat. Your face has become a drawing now. Excellent. So cute. Magnificent. Amazing that this can be done in just a whiz. But…it took a while to draw this. Are you usually faster? – No, I take more time. So today you are speeding things up? I’m not the fast type. I admire you. I can never draw this fast. Polka dots! So cute. Adding more polka dots. I don’t even know how to make these polka dots. So cute. This is so useful. It’s neat, right? I’m using digital techniques, but personally I am the analog type. So when I want polka dots, I draw them one by one. That gives it a unique taste, though. I just don’t know how to do it. What is this? There is a bunch of Illustrator stock material. You’ve got a stock of what you’ve drawn? Bring it over. Use it. It’s cherry blossoms. So cute! Let’s add a heart to the cheek. Fast. It’s turning into your style now. So cute. It looks just like my cherry blossom makeup! Was it draw “DODO” and add “DONDON”? It’s the picture that you drew! You forgot it? It must have been “DONDON” Illustrator is so useful. I’m good at these. Changing shapes and stuff. You do it in the blink of an eye. I’m fast when I deal with shapes. So cute – Almost done. Let’s add some accessories. This is the accessory data. Which do you like? So cute. Let’s add some octopus legs. Octopus legs – And stars, please! Where should the legs be sticking out of? Out of the head? – Head! Looks cute! Let’s just insert it right here. An octopus is coming out of my head! It fits right in. I didn’t know you prepared these beforehand! Yes. I sometimes take parts from older pictures that could be used again… I keep them as stock images. Good idea. I often recycle parts in multiple drawings. This is a very good function of the Illustrator. Stars. Where should we.. Maybe on the head. Let it climb this thing. This star is cute.- This one? This is the exact star on the cartoon character. It will match perfectly. Where on the head? Or on the face. Somewhere here? Here and here. Having your style in mind and went out and bought these accessories.- Wonderful. It’s got a lightning as well – Yes, as an extra. Look! That ugly looking thing! – Around here? That worm like thing- That’s an eye. It’s an eye? – It’s not a worm. This is so adorable. Let’s place this right here. This is so cute- Whoops. It seems like a third eye has awakened. Oh no, the 3rd eye has awakened! So scary! Let’s place it somewhere around here. It looks as if an insect is sticking out there. This looks good here, so let’s put this on top. How is that? The 3rd eye is creepy. A Screw. -The screw is cute. Let’s screw the arms in like this. It’s been fixed. So it won’t run away. Let’s put this on the head as well. This thing with the black eye is on the head. Hypersonic is in English, but what’s the story? Well, how should I say it… It all happens at a school. Music is restricted there. But they still enjoy music any way. They modify a room in the school and turn it into a club. And what happens is… one day they find the legendary headphone. A boy finds it. This robot girl can connect with machines since she’s a cyborg. And when they connect the headphone with the machine, it connects with another dimension and enemies start to come out. What a grandeur story! – They come and attack. They open up a fight. That’s the story. It’s Science Fiction. – A Sci-Fi! Did you create of the story yourself? The scenario was written by Patrick. He’s in charge of story. I’m in charge of the drawings. So cool. I didn’t think it was such a grandeur Sci-Fi. Io the story is complete so far? He seems to have planned it pretty far out. We have just finished chapter 1. We will continue with the story. Amazing. Isn’t the work hard? – It’s so stressful. Maybe I will get criticized for saying that. Well, we all know that writers and creators are tough jobs. It was so hard that until turning in the final episode, it took me a total of 2 months. I just didn’t want to draw it….. It was so hard, I couldn’t bring myself draw it. You make this seem so easy, but it was hard for you? It was so hard…let’s put this on the head as if you were a machine. Which part was so hard? The hard part was… If it was a single character like this, I could easily draw that. But when there is a background, or a dog to draw, and many other things that I have to draw, it’s something else. Let’s make it this way. – So cute. You are fast at drawing humans but, backgrounds are different. – I really suck at them. You can hardly find any backgrounds on my drawings. Now that you tell me, that seems to be true. I have the ability to make my images look good without the background. So you are stepping into an undiscovered frontier with HyperSonic? That is correct. Then you must have improved your skill? I hope so. Let’s have steam coming out of your head. Steam! I didn’t think it was that hard! I admire cartoon artists. That is true. Wait! A rice ball. You like it? I ate two rice balls today! – Then let’s add 2. Rice balls. On the head, maybe. Rice balls are Japanese food. Rice balls are so cute! Where do you find the cuteness? – It’s so cute- No way! Rice balls are a special kind of food. Really?? Well, it’s because I don’t have a lot of occasions to eat them. The ones you find in convenience stores … I don’t believe those are rice balls. You mean only humans can make rice balls? – Yes, humans only. Are you not hesitant to eat a rice ball that was formed by stranger’s hands? It does make you wonder who made it. Yes. I can only eat rice balls made by people that I know. Right. If it is made by some stranger lady whose sweaty hands make it salty… makes me think twice about eating it. It’s special food. When you receive food, it is like receiving love. I understand. What is love? I’ve never thought so deeply about rice balls before. I see. Where should the steam come out of? Steam is coming out of my pinkie! It is looking so gorgeous. It has a lot of ornaments. When you are adding things, is that the fun part? Yes. It feels so good. That’s the fun part. I have some machine only parts too. Electric plugs! Let’s add these small parts. – So cute! It’s radio waves. It’s a slightly broken KIMURA. A half broken KIMURA! When these are added, it instantly looks a bit radio wave like. You don’t listen to idol music? I do connect with idols at work but, I’ve never really been hooked onto idols. – Really? That’s a surprise! I assumed you were really into those. Since your style of drawing looks like this. I hardly listen to Chip Tune. I’m a hard core Hip Hopper. You’re a hip hopper! – I love rap. You know, in high school I was hooked on death metal. And hard core techno as well. I like aggressive and angry music. That is why my drawings are supported by hard-core people. That’s a surprise again! Hard core techno or hard core music. Hard core people actually like this kind of cute drawings! When you look at Colin’s thing, that is hard core techno-ish as well. For hard techno people, the CD jackets should have a cyber girl on it. There is a cute side to hardcore techno people as well, eh? Play station. I also watch the rap battles on air around midnight on TV. It’s pretty fun. They do the battle right on the spot. Dissing right there. It’s cool. There are so many appliances around my face! So many things are sticking out. You can hardly tell where the border line between the clothes is. Splendid! So cool! 2D characters are cuter after all! No that’s not true! Yes that is totally true! This looks amazing! Wow! This looks good. I want to add some writing here. Yes please do. What should I write. “Hyper Sonic”… Hyper Kimura U!? Sure! Hyper Kimura U! I am looking for a Logo. Do you have a private life? -Of course I do. What? What do you generally do? -Generally… I don’t really do anything. You are too busy with work?! Does one picture take a whole day? I guess so… I sometimes go to the cinema. Do you watch horror movies? I can’t deal with horror movies! WHAT? I didn’t expect that. You sometimes draw really scary pictures. I don’t even enjoy ghost houses! Really? Do you watch quite emotional movies then? I don’t like those either. What? So what are you watching then? I watch normal movies. Childish ones. I see, stuff like Pokemon? -Yeah like Pokemon and Toy Story. Some fantasy type movies? What I am totally into right now is Adventure Time. Adventure time? – You don’t know it? No idea. Is it from abroad? Let’s make it Hyper Sonic U. Great! Yu is YU? – Yu is actually one word. “U” Right. So all you need is this. Let’s put a hyphen. I am so happy! This logo was also by you? – Yes, I made it. I used to work in a design studio. When did you start to work free lance? I became free lance instantly. You couldn’t stand it? It wasn’t like I ran away from working there but.. I thought I could do it on my own. Entrepreneur. Really cute! It is so cute. Entrepreneur. Entrepreneur. It’s looking really good. That’s about enough. It looks like it was a cartoon like this all along. That’s beautiful. It only takes a second for you to make such a logo. This was already a template so.. Cool. A real professional. How much skills do you teach at your school? Not so much at school. I usually give out assignments at school. Not so many techniques. – Are you following the textbook? That’s right. So in order to learn your techniques, it’s either buying your book, or to watch this video. If everybody watches this they’ll learn. I think this is about the right length. So cute. So cute. So great. How does that look? Thank you very much. Finished? We are finished. – It’s done! You created it in an hour! How was this? I was nervous. – You were nervous? It didn’t seem like it. What did you think of when you drew this? The overall image was… KIMURA U. My image? But there are Octopus legs sticking out of my head! There is a lot going on! – I added things. I aimed it to become something between 2D and 3D. That looks about right. Thank you so much. I love it. I have always been your fan, so I’m happy you re-designed me for this. “Crunchyroll & galaxxxy” presents, Hyper Sonic Music Club” collaborating item has been launched by the brand galaxxxy. A related event was also held. How was it? For the launch at the galaxxxy shop event, I did a performance using digital art. Do you have any future plans? My work continues, and new events will be announced on my Facebook or Twitter. Please check it out. Everyone, please check it! Please do! Let us meet again. See you later, alligator! Bye bye!