IGTV Cover Thumbnail Sizing Guide (FREE Photoshop Template Download)

October 3, 2019 0 By Peter Engel

– Hey guys, my name is Matt Johnson, and today I’m gonna
quickly be showing you how to use Photoshop to
create a thumbnail photo for your IGTV videos. So they look great both
as a larger rectangle on IGTV and as a square on your regular Instagram feed. Incidentally, if you want to save time and not actually have to
watch this tutorial at all, I have created a free
pre-made Photoshop PSD file that you can just drop your image onto, that’ll make your thumbnails look perfect. You can download it down at the link in the video description. Don’t wanna download the
pre-made file though? That’s totally fine, let’s
continue with the tutorial. Welcome to Photoshop. The first thing that you’re gonna wanna do is go over here and select create new, which is gonna open up the
new document window here. Then, over here on the
right for Preset Details, we’re gonna call this IGTV Thumbnail, and then for Width, we’re
gonna set that to 1080, and the Height we’re gonna set to 1920. And you’re gonna say, wait a second, Matt, that looks familiar. That’s like 1920 by 1080
but flipped vertically! Yes, it’s almost like
IGTV used the 16 by 9 aspect ratio. But its vertical 9 by 16. Make sure that pixels are selected and all the rest of these settings look good, let’s press create. This image is now the
perfect rectangular size for a thumbnail on the
IGTV tab of your profile. Let’s drag in a still
over here, this is from a time lapse that I filmed
in Colorado last week and as you can see it’s
kind of in the middle so let’s resize it, we’re
gonna go up here and check this little chain link
icon, and then drag the height up, until it
fully fills the screen. 89.13% is the winner, and drag it over, perfectly fills the frame,
that’s what I’m going for right about there.
Hit the check box and now this image is properly sized. At this point this image
is now ready to be a thumbnail on the IGTV tab of your Instagram profile. But, the issue is that
if you choose to post a preview of your IGTV
video to your Instagram profile and feed, that preview is square, not rectangular so it’s
going to crop off the top and bottom of your thumbnail. The good news is that
this is going to be a very precise cropping and Instagram is going to crop out exactly a 1080
by 1080 size square from the center of this image. Go up here to the view
menu and make sure that rulers are selected,
that way you have rulers that are visible up here. Next, right click on the
ruler anywhere, and make sure it is set to pixels. Then, you can go right
up here and right around this line click and start to drag down and a line appears, and you’re gonna see here negative 200, negative
100, it’s counting through all the pixels and we’re
gonna wanna go down here to 420 pixels. Hitting that precise
number can be hard to hit whenever you’re this
zoomed out, so if you press control + or command plus
I believe if you’re on a Mac, that’s gonna zoom in the image here very very close. You see why I made a
preset for you so you don’t need to do this. And let’s click up here
at the top of the ruler and drag down another
ruler line, and we’re looking for 1500, there
are your 2 guidelines. Anything between these
2 guidelines is going to be visible as that Instagram square. Anything outside of them, is going to be cropped out. So, make sure that you
put anything important inside the square. Do you have text? Put
it inside the square. You have faces? Put
them inside the square. In my case, what I think
I would like to do is actually zoom in this
image just a little bit to make sure that I don’t
have this tint at the very bottom, of the square. So I’m gonna press
control t, to bring up the resize menu, make sure
the chain link is selected and let’s zoom in a little bit more, and then I’m gonna drag this
up, so now we have a little bit of the pond,
then we have the tent, then we have the stars up above it. And I’m gonna press the check box. This image is now ready to export and if you want, you can
actually delete this later by making sure to select
it and pressing the delete key, and saving this Photoshop PSD document as it is. That way you can duplicate
it and use it as a template for whenever you
want to upload another IGTV thumbnail. To export this photo I’m
gonna go up here to file export, export as. For format I’m going to select JPEG, and for quality I’m going
to set it to 70% because I find that easily looks pretty good. Click export all and
that’s gonna bring up a file dialogue box, you
can select where you wanna save your file, and I’m
gonna save it here as IGTV thumbnail. That’s it, you can now save your image and upload it to IGTV as a video thumbnail. And you can rest assured
that your photo is going to look great, not
only on IGTV, but also as a square in your feed. With that, thank you so much for watching. I hope this video was helpful to you. I have a ton of other
videos that I’ve made, all about Instagram, Instagram TV, export settings, presets,
best quality, et cetera If you wanna watch any
of that I will link to a playlist of all those
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