Krita’s pop up palette and color picker

December 8, 2019 0 By Peter Engel

When you right-click on your document the
pop-up palette shows up. The pop-up palette is the digital version of a painter’s palette
.it will be one of your best allies when you are painting in Krita. Let us break down its
components. First of all, if you look in the top left
corner, you’ll find 2 color swatches. These are your foreground and background colors.
In digital painting applications, you generally have 2 colors that you can store and switch
between. They are represented right there. Then, the outer ring features quick access
buttons to a variety of brush presets. Clicking on any of the icons will set your brush to
the corresponding preset. In the middle of the palettes, you have a
color picker. You have a huge ring on the outer side of it, and a triangle in the middle
that controls the value and the saturation of your colors.
And in between the color picker and the brush presets, you have a color history. Every time
you paint with a new color on your document, it gets added to the history. You then only
have to click on one of those colors to set your current color to it.
Lastly, there is a little icon in the bottom right of the palette. This one opens up a
menu that allows you to select a tag. Tags are categories to which your brush presets
are assigned. By default, the bottom palette will show the brushes assigned to the “favorite
presets” tag. However, you can set it to show other types of brushes by using this
little menu. Let’s now talk about picking colors and
working with the foreground and background color swatches.
Using the color picker on the pop-up palette, you have to click and drag on the hue ring
to set the hue, and click and drag in the middle triangle to set the saturation and
value of your foreground color. The advanced color selector, the docker that’s shown
to the right of the canvas works the exact same way.
Now, if you want to swap your foreground and background colors you have to press the X
key. When you paint with the freehand brush tool, you always paint with the foreground
color. And by pressing the X key, you can swap it with your background color, and paint
with it. To reset the foreground and background colors
to black and white respectively, you have to press the D key. Those 2 shortcuts are
used in many digital painting applications. Let me drop in a quick extra tip: on the advanced
color selector docker, on the top left corner, you have a small menu icon. Click on it to
access the advanced color selector settings. Then, you will see an icon that represents
your color selector. If you click on it, Krita will offer you a few options of alternative
color pickers. I personally use the 2nd one, with the square
in the middle. The reason is that it’s a bit more precise than the default color picker
.it clearly maps the values to the vertical axis on the square, and the saturation of
the colors to the horizontal axis. Let’s bounce back to the pop-up palette.
By default, it shows brush presets assigned to the favorite preset tag. What if you want
to add or remove presets there? Let’s first talk about adding presets.
You select a brush preset in the brush presets picker, and you like it. To add it to the
pop-up palette, we need to assign it a tag. To open the brush preset docker, left click
on the preset you selected, right-click, select the “assign to tag” option and choose
the “favorite presets” tag. When you open the pop-up palette, you will see the icon
of your newly added brush. What if we want to remove brushes from the
“favorite presets” tag? You still do that in the brush preset picker. Click on the drop-down
at the top of the panel and choose “favorite presets”. Right-click on a preset, and choose
“remove from this tag”. You can check on the pop-up palette; the brush will have
disappeared. Take the time to experiment with brush presets,
and whenever you find one that you like, add it to your favorites! In the next video we
will take a first look at layers.