LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY  MISTAKES πŸ“·   Do you make these? Benjamin Jaworskyj

LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY MISTAKES πŸ“· Do you make these? Benjamin Jaworskyj

December 4, 2019 64 By Peter Engel

Hi and welcome. In this video, I’m at the
beautiful Baltic Sea in Germany. Doing some nice landscape stuff and I have
five common landscape photography mistakes for you and how to avoid them. I’ve seen the same landscape photography
mistakes over and over again and that you can avoid them in the future
I give you some smart advices how I avoid those mistakes and maybe you can
do the same things as well. Mistake number one is the light. If the
light is not right and that is actually a rhyme, then you can’t take great
landscape photos. A lot of people always look at photos and think ooh it’s a lot
of photoshop and it’s a lot of composition and stuff like that. All made
in post process but it’s not most of the great photos are taking great light
situations so what you need is great light and when it’s the best light for
me the best light is in the morning and in the evening especially before sunrise
and after sunset so those two slots of time in the day are the perfect time for
me to take photos I want very soft light and sometimes you even have soft light
over the day when it’s a cloudy day or something but you get the best the best
shots and you have the most of luck when you get out early in the morning and
late in the evening mistake number two is I’ll fix it in
post and post-processing is a nice thing and I do post processing as well because
it gives my images the last step so a lot of brilliance and I can get more
colors into the picture and stuff like that but to get more colors I need the
colors actually in the picture so don’t always say I’ll fix it in post. Do it
right in the first place. Do it right when you take the picture. So if you have
something disturbing in your picture like rubbish or something you don’t want
the picture because maybe it doesn’t fit with the color or something. Remove it
before you take the photo and don’t fix it in post don’t always say I do
it afterwards. Do it right in the first place and what I can say as well as use
filters. Use neutral density filters, polarisers you can get optical effects
you can’t get in the post processing software so do it right in the first place. Mistake number three is having no
foreground and maybe you heard about it landscape photography foreground those
are two things that fit perfectly together. So what I usually do, in a nice
landscape situation like I have here now the Baltic Sea we have the beach, we have
the sea, we have the sky and all those nice things together but it’s everywhere
here. So when I walk along the beach I have it everywhere so what I need to get
a special picture a picture that is different from other pictures is a
foreground. A simple foreground. For example rocks, for example sticks,
for example trees that are laying in the water like here in that situation now.
I’m looking for those things because the background is always the same when I
walk around the beach but the foreground makes the difference. So take a look for
the foreground. Mistake number four is taking too many
different pictures. What I mean with that is, I’ve seen a lot of people coming to
nice spot and taking for example one picture, the second picture in a
different angle, the third picture zoomed in, the fourth picture zoomed out, the
fifth picture going two steps backwards, two step forward, three steps to the left,
three steps to the right. So each photo is different. Each photo is a totally
different photo and the problem with that is that in most situations you
won’t have any good photo you have only 50% of good photos. So
every photo is like 50% but no really good photo. So what I would recommend you
is just take a look for foreground, take a look for background, take a look for
the right light situation and then just frame the image. On your tripod with the
camera and then take one photo, take a look at the photo and take this same
photo again ,the same photo again, the same photo again. Just change different
things like a graduated filter, like the shutter speed, like for example the time
when you take the shot, so sometimes I just take my tripod on a spot and then I
just wait for like one hour and then I take the same photo again but one hour
later and the light is totally different. The clouds are different, everything is
different but I want the warm great picture and not fifty pictures that are
just rubbish. Or kind of rubbish. And the fifth and last tip is too far
away. You’re too far away ,a lot of people are too far away. Especially when
you have a wide-angle lens and the first things beginners do when
they take landscape photos is buying a wide-angle lens that they get more on
the shot. Which is pretty cool but the problem with wide-angle lenses is you
have so much in your picture that you need to get very close and about that
last part a lot of people forget. So you have to get very close to things and
then they appear bigger in the picture, but you have a nicer composition in the
picture when you get closer. For example in a situation like I have now. I’m here
with my camera and this seems like five meters away when I take a picture from
that point of view with 16 millimeters on full-frame. I have everything here on
the beach in my picture. I have the sand, I have three trees, I have the see, I have
the clouds and everything. But for clean composition I don’t want everything in
the frame. I just want the simple small pieces together that I want and that you
only get when you get close to your subject or object that you want to
photograph. Those where five common landscape
photography mistakes and how to avoid them and one big mistake is don’t having
enough of mosquito spray with you, when you’re at the beach. It’s not much
wind here, a lot of flies flying around you. A lot of mosquitoes flying around all
over my face maybe you have seen them in the video. It is a long time now after
sunset it. Is maybe half an hour after sunset already but we’re still filming
to have a nice light and to get you nice overview of where I am actually and I
hope you enjoyed the video and I hope you don’t hurt all those mosquitoes
flying in the microphone here and I see you next time on this photography
channel. We have a lot of videos if you have some wishes about video topics then
just write it in the comment section below and I’m interested in, which mistake you already did and maybe you have some
other mistakes that you just saw when you walked around somewhere and then
just write it in the comments as well. See you next time never forget . Sag mal Einstellung Digga! und Haut rein! And thumbs up, hit thumbs up it’s very great I
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