Make a water splash brush in Photoshop – Water Splash Effect Photoshop Tutorial

October 7, 2019 0 By Peter Engel

This Photoshop tutorial will teach you how to make a water splash brush for splash and wave effects Find a photograph of a breaking wave or splash Use the Zoom tool to zoom in on the wave Select the splash or wave area and crop it Create a Black and White adjustment layer and Curves adjustment layer Drag the Black Point and White Point until you have a sharp contrast Select all layers and merge them Paint away non-essential areas with black This removes areas we don’t want in our water brush We only want the wave in our custom brush, not reflections or other sea foam Painting with a soft edged brush lets you sculpt the wave gently I want my wave brush to have tapered ends So I paint them in myself Make a tight selection of the area that remains and crop it Invert the black and white image What is black and grey will be our custom wave brush Select Edit and Define Brush Preset. Name your new wave brush. There you go! That outline is your custom splash brush. Change its size and other properties just like a normal brush Let’s test our breaking wave brush and change its properties a bit In a new document, on a black background, let’s paint with white This is a nice water splash effect but it could use some variation with each click In the Brush Options panel we’ll make some adjustments to our custom splash brush Increase spacing so we can click and drag to get separated splashes In Shape Dynamics, we select “Flip X Jitter” so the brush will randomly create a mirror image of itself This is just for variation so the splash isn’t identical each time Testing out the custom Photoshop brush we made… Lower the opacity a little so each click can build upon the previous wave It makes the wave effect more realistic Let’s try our splash brush in a real photograph With a normal brush, let’s mask out the bottom half of the swimmer I’m painting away his lower half using the mask layer Now create a new layer for our waves Select our new custom wave brush Decrease the brush size until it’s correct for our scene Create a few splashes around the swimmer Decrease the opacity of the wave layer Change the layer’s blend mode to Screen. It looks a little more realistic. That’s it for this Water Splash brush Photoshop Tutorial Making a custom wave brush in Photoshop is easy If this Photoshop tutorial was helpful, please hit like and subscribe Thanks for watching this Water Splash Effect Photoshop Tutorial