Master Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 | Digital Painting Tips [Photoshop 101] — CUSTOMIZE LAYOUTS

August 26, 2019 0 By Peter Engel

Hey, we got a good one okay, oh why am I talking so fast anyway today, we’re doing custom Layouts yeah, custom layout so let’s go ahead and get into it right now Now that you understand layouts let’s go ahead and create our own custom layout that you can create to accommodate your workflow Okay, so first thing we can do is. Let’s say I pull out This brush settings palette I could pull it off to the side. I can put it anywhere I want I can come over here and put it within this frame. You’ll see the blue line around the whole thing That’s square that means it’s gonna allow me to drop within that section I can also take this pull it out and notice There’s just a blue line if I let go but that’s gonna. Do is stack it in between Okay, now. Let’s say I might want to try Pulling up, let’s say the Navigator Okay, so let’s say I have a navigator here. Maybe I don’t want it up top I want to pull this down to the bottom corner Now what I’m essentially doing here is just rearranging this whole layout and then I’m gonna save it So this is something that I would be able to come back to time and time again so if we go up to the top to that same section when we click here we can scroll down and We can go to new workspace Okay So if we go to new workspace What this is going to do is? Allow us to save and I’m just going to call it rebels Test Now Here’s something that’s important where it says capture if you create custom keyboard shortcuts You change menu command toolbar which I’m going to discuss And the very next module if you make adjustments To all of these things and you want to make sure that these things stay with the workspace you Must make sure these are checked Because if you don’t have them checked when you go to that workspace you’re gonna lose all the customization for those Items that are there ok, so we’re gonna make sure those are checked I just do it by default from here because I made the mistake Not doing that early on and I would lose a lot of my customization, and I would have to redo everything so if I hit save You’ll now see that if we come up here You’ll see it saved inside so I have rebels test I have some of my older versions of layouts ok you’ll see I have layouts for my Cintiq I have rebels 2018 so if I click on this sit here and hit reset rebels and There we go now. It’s rebels 2018 and it’s reset back to the base default let’s go back to the rebels test and You’ll see that it toggles back to the layout that I had so Essentially you can set up various different types of layouts for different workflows that you’re going to be doing I highly recommend this because Each one of us is unique and different and some of us are left-handed Some are right-handed you may want to accommodate everything to be sitting on your your power hand Especially if you’re using a Cintiq. It’ll really make a big difference Versus having to take your hand and cross over your body constantly Your hand is going to cover a lot of the menus, and that’s just going to become Really, it’s going to be annoying after a while if you’re using just a normal Wacom tablet You can use You won’t have that issue with your hand covering, but anyway This is what you’re essentially looking for in terms of for creating a custom layout Now let’s just show you one last little part here Let’s clean it up where let’s say I have a bunch of old layouts in here that I don’t need anymore if I go down to delete workspace I Can navigate to let’s say rebels 2016. I don’t want that I hit delete am I sure yes Let’s say I come in here again. I’m gonna delete workspace This time I’m gonna jump down to test T. Don’t want that Let’s get rid of this just simple housekeeping so delete If I don’t want the rebels test well actually that’s active, so I would actually have to switch to a different one But let’s just say I don’t want the rebels iMac 2016 the square root of that so I go ahead and hit delete and then for example if I needed to get rid of the rebels test Let’s just go ahead and switch over to rebels 2018 and then once running rebels 2018 go ahead come down and Hit delete workspace, and now you will be able to have access to the rebels test Now you can go ahead and hit delete, and it should work fine for you, so there you go So that’s how you can clean up the workspaces if you have a bunch of them in there that you don’t need you start to can make this a simpler list for yourself and That’s it So that’s it. Let’s just go ahead and jump on to the next module Okay, if you enjoyed that please hit subscribe in the notification button, that’s the little del button below also Please go check out digital painting Okay over there. I have Some brushes and things like that. They’re gonna be available for people who want to dive deeper into this so Don’t hesitate go check it out