Meet the 2019 Adobe Creative Residents: Tyler Babin | Adobe Creative Cloud

December 13, 2019 0 By Peter Engel

Everything I make I try and make it for
the 15, 16, 17 year-old version of myself who’s sitting in his room a small town
and doesn’t have access to all of these big things and I want to show them the
process of kind of how I did it and maybe that will help them sort of find
their path and their unique way through this whole game. My name is Tyler Babin. I live in New
York City and I’m a 2019 Adobe Creative Resident focusing on videography. I’m doing a docu-series around building and sustaining online audiences–the
behind the curtain of what it takes to actually be an influencer in the modern
day. There’s a big misunderstanding on what it actually means to be an
influencer. A lot of times these days, people assume that it’s just living the
“Instagram lifestyle” on a beach in Bali, hanging out, running around
with friends and it’s the best life ever. But there’s an insane amount of work
that goes into it that a lot of people don’t see. Being an influencer isn’t just
about numbers. It’s not about posting pictures of a great lifestyle, selling
random products… Being an influencer in my definition is, do you have the ability
to mobilize people around a movement? Social is the platform, right? It’s like
the new billboard. It is the barrier of entry for, like, winning in the current
day. The reason I’ve stepped out and want to do this project is to help show that
the people who are really doing it–who are really hustling and grinding and
doing their thing to the fullest ability do it because they love it to death.