February 25, 2020 0 By Peter Engel

You So there is this unknown personality, who calls himself nemesis.Who is so rich enough to reconstruct his D.N.A through bio-engineering which made him super strong ,super fast and Fantastically agile, don’t get me wrong He can still die by a bullet but nemesis was so sure of his own capabilities and boast about it. He’s also well-rounded in martial arts and he can be very combative, with his powers He uses to terrorise people at will. He has been causing chaos and terrorising cities He became a night-mare all over the world! In Japan He kidnapped the head of the police department of Tokyo and his officers had been searching for him But to no avail, after a while doing enough digging. They got a tip-off from a source about the where-about of their boss Unfortunately for them, this was a ploy by Nemesis. In making them to go to a building rigged with explosives In which,exploded and killed everyone inside the building! not too far away. Nemesis and his men were hiding in one of the tunnels in the city Where they were holding,the head of the police department hostage Who had been bruised and battered, plus, he was tied to a chair and left on a train track,which smashed into him And then the train smashed further into other buildings because Nemesis rigged the the train track with explosives To cause a lot of accidental destruction Nemesis next target was WASHINGTON! Now in Washington There is a chief of police,who is the head of the police department in washington CALLED BLAKE MORROW Who is an old-school maverick, doesn’t play office politics a honest and hard-working police officer A bit too pious for his own liken, a devoted Christian, a family man who has a wife and two children,a boy and a girl. Even though he is a HIGH ranked officer He still participate in field work A bit arrogant you might say. So two TOP ranked officers paid a visit to warn him that his life is in danger And that the SUPER VILLAIN Nemesis was coming for him. Blake knew of nemesis work of causing destruction And Chaos, in Japan, Singapore, North Korea, etc, etc And his next point of call was Washington Nemesis even sent a complimentary notes to blake morrow Which says blake morrow match 12 flat line still counts Now before I go any further, I need to clarify Nemesis’ objected. He goes into a city with a lowest crime and terrorises the city by hiring the best of the best of criminals in the city and by promising To pay them 10 million dollars each then He plays a battle of wits, with the chief of police of the city one of the major reasons why Blake Morrow was the MASTER’s target it’s because since Blake became the chief police of the police of the Washington crime had dropped or should I say reduced by almost? 60% And that was an impressive result for a chief of police but not to Nemesis, to him This was a challenge and moreover. This successful rate on reduction of crime makes Nemesis’ skin crawl. In fact, he sees pious hard-working people as hypocrites and pompous in their own self-righteousness With immediate effect Blake Morrow places his family in protective custody and called a meeting with the police department The President of the United States of America was returning from one of these international trips and he was about to land in Washington DC SUDDENLY!Two jets protecting the Air Force One, EXPLODED! And the President’s bodyguard could hear someone running on the roof of the plane Before they could summon the pilots to swerve the plane. Nemesis JUMPED out of nowhere and killed the pilots Took over the plane And landed the plane the busiest streets of Washington In which caused a lot of destruction EXPLOSION DEATH AND CHAOS! The plane CRASHED! It was devastating BRUTAL! And then, he kidnapped the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! And challenge Blake Morrow the Chief of Police of Washington to a battle of WITS! I’m still alive. I’m still But we cannot burn without nowhere