New Tokyo Disney Resort Pixar Merchandise Unboxing!! Popcorn Bucket, Candy Cases, & MORE!

September 4, 2019 0 By Peter Engel

Konnichiwa today we have another package from my friend kiri in Japan Thank you so so so much Kiri, I really really appreciate these packages. It was super kind very very thoughtful of you and I just I really Really appreciated you guys know. I love Tokyo you guys know I love Japan and getting these packages just makes me so happy I really really appreciate it Curie and I already got tho gozaimasu. I hope I said that right. I’m trying to learn Japan I know thank you as arigato. So we’ll go with that Let’s see No way, oh my Goodness. Oh Oh, I was gonna flatly. I know it’s one of the little mochi containers from the alien mochi I’m so excited to hopefully try this very soon. I really want to go to Japan this Helps give me like a size reference of them because I have seen So many videos of people eating these and trying them and now I know oh my gosh And there’s also in here. It looks like a little sticker Oh, there’s a little toy stripe or sticker with woody and forkie on it. Oh my god I love the washi tape Carrie. Oh my goodness. Look, how adorable Okay So the next thing we have in here are some mad So we have Donald’s summer even and then it looks like we also have a toy. Sorry for Specific math. Oh It’s like they were like hitting four keys all around And it also shows the specialty food and everything They released for their whole Pixar playtime and celebration of twice three four. Oh my gosh. These are so fun I love love to look at these and I’m so excited to check them out. I love collecting the park map So that’s just so exciting Okay our next item here on top It’s all wrapped No wave I Love this so much. It is a little candy case and as Mike Wazowski, he’s sitting on one of the left canisters It’s so cute and it has a little strap I love these because they look like little popcorn buckets and you can open up the little back and that’s where you put the little candy This is this is a new one, and I’m so so glad to be holding it right now. Thank you so so much I love the detail in it. All right our next whoa Our next item here is the Tokyo Disney Resort specialty cup for the event with all the Toy Story characters So since I played it took your Disney Resort and it has these puzzle pieces all colored with all the different characters on them Did they go all out with the theming they love you? Oh my gosh, there’s gotcha ponds, and there’s another there’s Susan the Loon Gotcha phone capsule like if you guys watched my last Tokyo Disney Resort video You saw I freaked out because there was a little gotcha pollen Of a gotcha fun I love the other one that I have and oh my gosh now there’s Tim but looks like we get a new one Let’s see. I think we got the 41 You’re just a quick look they’re just different little gotcha pond like little capsules there kids amazing There it is There’s the adorable little porky little gotcha pond and you turn the little thing Be good, oh we got Really good and gruff. Oh I Think I’m just gonna pin this last Gacha pond on this camera also just because I may have just some assembly again These are cold Disney friends their little Disney characters, right? They hold on to like your phone charger or like your phone cord Only in Japan they have the Disney characters. It makes me so bad. Oh My goodness, we got Daisy Oh my gosh. She’s the cutest Little thing. I need to find a phone cord So we put it on here, oh look Well during Emma stay right there only this perfect thank you so so much I love So this may be the camera actually show it to you so this Is the little note in the item here it is happy birthday and oh my gosh, thank you So much hearing that it’s so so sweet. I love a little note and all She tape absolutely adorable. Oh my gosh It’s the pottery bucket It is the alien clock popcorn Bucket, they got the best popcorn buckets over there. It’s all red. It looks like the little cream game claw machine My feeling comes from it even has a little alien up top there and look there’s even a covering so that doesn’t hit your popcorn Let’s open it cuz I see some other items inside here. Oh, oh J’son see look it’s like a lid there and you could even take him out it like twists open. There’s here We have some blind bags. These are called For all the people that are watching from the US they look like we bull wobbles, right? You guys remember those things there’s three of these. Oh my gosh. So here’s the packaging when you pull them out So it’s still like a mystery. Oh My gosh we got ducky. This is the cutest little thing. Let’s see Okay, so here we go here’s little ducky right look oh my gosh Yes ducky. Yes. Yes ducky Yes. Oh my gosh. I’m putting these right? Here so they can all dance while I edit. Oh my god. I Love it. I love it. Here’s our next one. You guys can see better on here always for once you can get Oh my gosh, I love you. Oh My gosh Oh Where’s it even has a little? We got Jessie Thing This is perfect for the call machine we got the alien So cutesy. Okay look flush and dance. Okay, they’re all are through a little little gang. We’re ready to go ready. Here we go. Oh My gosh Okay. So those are so cute. They’re going to just be doing that on my desk all day. All right snow Oh My gosh so she sent the little gummy candies They look like little jelly beans So they’re like super nice at the park. There they give you these separate from the actual fantasy snail But all wrapped up like this So you don’t have to use it or get dirty where you’re walking look while you’re walking on the park To enjoy it later. You can put the canyon there if you want to I love how much they care They would never do that in the US. Okay, this is the cutest whole thing This is this is a ski one of my favorite candy cases. This isn’t the trashcan. It looks like the trashcan from toys three land on it Ricky loves the trash and I’m sorry this whole video is also just me saying oh my gosh, but This is such an amazing item. This just just shows how like amazing don’t you is look oh, oh My goodness, that’s where you get the candy from. Oh my gosh You can pull it open. Oh I love it. It has a little red little change strap here It says twice three four on the sides and it has the little four key Keychain on it with some little instruction now. I’ll call it’s the little trash. Can I love Disney trash cans? Thank you Thank you. Thank you. Oh my gosh, there’s still more stuff in here Okay, so we have these two little boxes. They’re kind of light. I don’t know what these are Oh my gosh, it looks like I want so many toca videos this looks like um, one of the lottery Items, you can get you get like the mystery like you get to pick like a mystery package thing some of you guys may know What I’m talking about, I don’t know how to explain it cuz I’ve never done it before these are so cool So these also say like capsule on them, but they’re like these little film strip Vinyls and make it like attach to each other and there’s just some of the ones you can get And then we just have some assembly on the back. We got our One so this looks like this one like a different little mystery set, I remember getting one of these from curing Halloween time But they were dressed up as Halloween characters. So these are just lemmas like normal characters and we got the Minnie Mouse one Alright, so here we are. Here’s the little mini real quick. She’s super adorable. She’s just sitting there all happy. Oh my gosh It’s a super cute. That’ll be perfect for Midas fillets Next item we have here is a little Alice and this one has some tiny little pieces So these somehow hook in here to like stand it up so like that what stand up and then she’d be like in it and then I could also put the little Clock in there as well. Wow That is so cool. There are the other little item that’s in this candy case is actually this strap So you guys are strapped real quick. It says Tokyo Disney Resort in a head and it is dark blue It has like neon spaceships and stars and everything all over it. It has the little yellow clips So there it is all together the little popcorn Oh my gosh, I love it. It’s so Cute, thank you. So so much Curie for this amazing amazing package. I really really Appreciate it and I’m super excited to add them to my display. So make sure you guys subscribe to my channel for more unboxings like these and other Disney merchandise videos I hope you guys have a Wonderful day, and as always remember to do what you love and do it makes you happy and I’ll see you guys next time. Bye