Nikon D5 – Five inspired professional photographers with the D5

December 6, 2019 0 By Peter Engel

SHOT EXCLUSIVELY ON THE NIKON D5 I call myself a photographer, and photography means you try
to capture the one perfect moment to tell the story
in exactly one frame. Every single picture I take
is personal. Every image matters. I think it’s very important
to be hungry and creative. If you lose the hunger
for perfection, you also lose the edge
as a photographer. I am always striving
to create better and better images. Motorsport photography is our life, and for this reason after 30 years,
it is a passion, too. Photography is the only way
for me to be creative, to share with other people. There is no other way
for me to do it. I’m a bit you could call it obsessed
about what I do. To create iconic pictures…
ah, that’s a real challenge. Sports photography
is definitely a daily competition. Open the paper the next day
and you will exactly know if you have done a good job, or if somebody else
has done a better job. I try to be as good
as every athlete in his role. My job is to produce
a good set of pictures every day, and I am not judged
by one iconic frame. The challenge is to do it every day. OLE JØRGEN LIODDEN
WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHER I prefer to be in the field,
to see it live and with my own eyes, and then it’s also more interesting
to take the pictures also. Alaska in end of September,
beginning of October, is quite extreme
regarding wind, rain, and cold. For me, cameras and lenses are tools. I am not thinking much about droplets on the camera
and if they get dust or dirty. I work hard with that equipment. Like the grizzly bear, some people think they are monsters
and some think they are pets, but I want to show their real life,
their real way of living. At some point, you start
to build bonds to your subjects. It’s really important
in my photography to be on their level, low,
in the water like the grizzly bears, and see it through their eyes, or look in their eyes close
and intimate feeling. I’ve worked in 139 countries now,
every U.S. state, and for me Nebraska
is the gold standard. I have a lot of tools at my disposal, more tools than anybody’s had
in the history of the world. If I use the technology
to tell a story in a better way, then I’m doing what I need to do. We want to move the bar along. My job as a photojournalist
and filmmaker is to accurately portray
and record the human condition. My hope is that they’ll say,
“He makes me think.” Smiling is good, crying is good, but I want to evoke
a visceral response. In our world, speed
is the most important thing. The sound of the engines
is like music for us. My cousin had given me
a plastic camera like a joke. But for me it was the first time
that I take a picture of a car. It was unbelievable. I never thought it was possible
to do photography like a profession. It was like a dream. Perfect! Ultimately, what motivates
my photography is finding beauty in everything and everyone, and when I’m shooting a person
they are the most important and most beautiful person
I’ve ever seen. I think the best part
about being a photographer is when you’ve dreamed up
this whole crazy concept, and you can see it
come to life in your lens. When hair and makeup,
the wardrobe, the styling, and the model
has the perfect expression, and you click that shutter,
it is the best feeling in the world. Get excited! Photography is kind of a lifestyle
but I also have a family, so for me it’s both a family life
and a photographer life, and I don’t mix them
too much together. I don’t have a 9-to-5. I have a when-my-eyes-open
and when-my-eyes-shut. I mean, literally,
the minute that I wake up, I’m constantly thinking
about photography until I go to bed. I mean, I eat, live,
and breathe this stuff. It’s definitely the ultimate passion. We have tried to find the balance. So when I’m a photographer,
I’m 150% photographer, and when not a photographer, then I try to be
hopefully 150% family man. Every day for me is 16 to 18 hours,
but it’s not work exactly. I get to see what I want to see
and be where I want to be for the most part. It’s magnificent! It’s hard to sleep
when there’s images to be made. I think I know exactly
if I have done a good job or not, and that’s the thing
that drives me every day, just to do it again
and again a bit better. You could call it obsession. It is what it is. Perfection means
you will never reach it, but you should try. I’m not done,
I have a lot of stories in me. I want my work
to make people do something. You live your life,
and every minute follow your dream. Nothing more. INSPIRED