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December 13, 2019 0 By Peter Engel

In this video I head over to Amsterdam to take some
panning pictures of cyclists! AdoramaTV presents, Take and Make Great Photography with
Gavin Hoey. Hello, I’m Gavin Hoey and you are watching
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photographers. Now you join me here today in Amsterdam, Amsterdam is well known for a
couple of things, good weather not being one of them, but
the thing we’re interested in isn’t the one you’re thinking about its bicycles because today I’m going to do a panning shot of some bicycles to really put some movement and
excitement into what would be quite a static, wet, rainy day picture. Now before I do this
shoot let’s run through the set up. First of all
I’m using my L Series lens is raining, it’s wet, this lens is weather sealed so that’s probably a good thing and there is a reason why I’m doing this in
the rain you’ll see why in a minute, next is my camera settings so I’m going to
shoot in TV on a Canon or S on most other
cameras, shutter priority mode because I want to
control the shutter speed with panning that’s what really makes
the shot work because you can be moving the camera and tracking a moving subject.
As far as focusing goes I don’t want to be on manual focus or auto focus I want my camera to continuously refocus I’m going to go for AI Servo or continuous autofocus. Also my drive, I don’t want one shot I’m going to take
lots of pictures, I’m not going to get it right the first time, its
going to take me a few shots so I’ll be in high-speed shooting or
continuous shooting mode. Right that’s the camera set let’s go find some moving subjects come
with me. So to photograph my cyclist I’ve just
moved to a little bit closer to the road where the cyclists are usually a plenty, of course
just as I stand here there are none but they will be coming don’t worry! So shutter speed is the
vital ingredient inside of shooting a panning shot and it’s not a question of a certain
shutter speed its a matter of choosing the right shutter speed for the lighting conditions, for the
speed of your subject, for the zoom that you’re using, so what I can’t
tell you is one setting that will work for everything. So
what I’m going to do is I’m going to start the 60th of a second and then I’m going to
go slowly down I’m probably going to go from strength 60th
to a 30th, all we need is a few bikes. So lets start with a 60th of a second,
shutter priority mode find a cyclist! Here we go, and you want to try and keep your
movement nice and fluid as the cyclists go by. I can see another one coming, they’re coming. Here we go! Ok so a 60th was okay but lets drop it
down to a 30th the second I might take a couple of other shots there because I reckon 30th of a second for bicycles, the speed they’re going today is going to be perfect Ok so a 30th of a second is my
killer speed, that’s what’s giving me the great movement in the background but still giving me an ability to keep up
the cyclists. If I go any slower than a 30th of a second
then it becomes very hard to her the panning to be smooth with the flow of the
cyclist and I end up with a picture thats a little but soft and blurry. Its all about experimentation and not
necessarily just choosing one aperture or one shutter
speed in this case and sticking with it but going with the flow and trying a couple
of different pictures, practice makes perfect when it comes to panning, so lets grab a few more pictures and see what
else I can get. Thats what I love about Amsterdam, cycling with an umbrella So there we go, we got some great
pictures of cyclists in the rain here in Amsterdam all I need to do now
is to get back in the dry, back in my studio and let’s see what we can do with the pictures, and we’re going to do that right now! It really didn’t matter
what the weather was doing in Amsterdam there was always something to see and
some great photographs to be had and the panning shots of the bicycles,
well if you’ve been to Amsterdam you know there are bicycles everywhere there so it was obvious
choice to do. Some of the pictures were great, others were less so and thats all par for the course when you’re doing
panning not every picture is going to be a winner but, I did get some good ones let’s have
a look. So this shot really sums up everything I think panning in Amsterdam
and bicycles, I love this shot we’ve got this girl cycling through a busy street
holding an umbrella, wearing earphones it’s perfect. So I’m happy with the shot but the colors
in the picture I think need a bit of work, so there’s these really bright signs in the background
that are little bit distracting, the yellow and the blue one here and a few bits of red that I’d like to,
just to reduce the color and there’s couple ways I’m going to do it.
Let’s start with the most simple way, I’m going to jump over to the HSL/Grayscale tab and here I’ll be working on the
saturation option and I can change the saturation or
the intensity of colors in my picture, so for example I
can target the blues and I can just sort of bring the blues down or I can make the blues stronger by
moving the slider side to side and i’m looking at this sign here, now as I
me it around it definitely takes away the blue but if you look around the picture you’ll
see all of the blues in the picture are changing as well so this is a global
adjustment, everything changes and although I don’t
mind it in this case you do have to watch these global adjustments, I reckon I can lose a little bit of blue
on the tram and not lose any impact in the picture. There’s a bit of green here so I
think I can probably lose the greens in the same way just bring it down,I don’t think there’s much else
that’s green in this image and the way to tell is just to throw it from side to side and see what changes. But if I change the
yellows for that sign at the top, yeah I loose the
yellows but I also loose some of the warmth in the image and I don’t think that works for me I’m
even losing some color on her jacket. Same with the reds, if I do the reds I loose the color in the scarf and
that’s not good. So some things I can do globally and other things I’m going to need to do
locally. So how do I make a local adjustment to my RAW file well it’s the same in
Adobe Camera RAW from Photoshop and in Lightroom, the same tool applies, I’m going to use the adjustment brush which is one of those really powerful tools for doing little local adjustments. Now you’ll
find the adjustment brush here Adobe camera RAW up here on
the toolbar, the adjustment brush and I can change a
whole variety of different things from exposure and contrasts, clarity and saturation now that’s the one
I’m interested in. So I’m just going to click on the minus button
that will reset everything and drop my saturation down to -50 and I can paint on this yellow sign and I can
just pull the saturation down just on that yellow sign and then I can
go and target anything else so there’s a red thing here and there’s a…, I’m not quite sure what
that is but there is a little bit of red there that is a bit obvious and some red there and I’m just going to pull those down so they’re less obvious in the shot, there we go, and that
works really well. Now if you want to take it even further
you can add another new brash and again you can leave the saturation
at 50 or you can change it further I could further reduce the saturation or
really fine tune it, so maybe this one will have it at about -20 and
we’ll just further knock back a few of those colors, there’s a sort of purpley blob there that can go and a few
red bits. So you can really take fine control over
the colors but still leave some of the colors in and
of course if you really want to you can add another new pin and increase the saturation maybe just
make that bag a little bit more saturated just to
pull-up the brown tones within that little bag she’s holding
on her handlebars. So there you go, there is my cyclist in the rain, in Amsterdam shot panning picture completed. Now if you want to find out more
about panning then don’t forget to check out
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