Photography Tips: Tree Panning Movement Blur

December 12, 2019 0 By Peter Engel

come out of the woods with brown again what are we gonna do well I want to talk to you about techniques of photography things that we do with cameras about controls and ways of using them and thinking about how they work I know I bang on about thinking but it is the most important thing you’re the most important thing in all of your photos this was really clearly demonstrated to me when I came down to this very car parking on one day with a lady called Becka Dixon and her mum they booked me for one-on-one and we came out here and becka showed me a really cool little technique she thought of a way of putting together some camera controls and some body movements to make some really nice arty little things and that’s what I’ve come down here to share with you. So all I need is my trusty camera i’m using my X-T1 because I can shoot video through it really really easily I’m only using a bog standard lens there we go so let’s go investigate yeah I know what you’re thinking you’re thinking but there’s cars everywhere browne you idiot well yeah that’s true you can see there’s cars all through the car park there but that’s a function of composition isn’t it so what controls composition you do cameras do shutter speeds and apertures but composition isn’t a camera control composition is controlled by arms and legs and hands and knees and things like that and going like this and moving around isn’t it let’s have a little look how do we do it so the shot i’m thinking of let’s get my best video camera rocking and rolling in here so we can do good little bit of video for you so look I’m thinking about shot something like this and as you can see we’ve got a car in the car park over there haven’t we so how do we lose it well it’s really simple isn’t it! we just move around look you soon as I moved to my right a bit there we go look the nasty car’s gone i could even zoom the lens an inzy bit and that just makes our little path through the trees look even nicer so that is going to be our composition kinda thing but what are we going to do with it right so when you know those techniques of photography and you know what shutters do and shutters control movement don’t they you can start to put together ideas to how to use them so I want to give the feeling the emotion of sort of being in a little woodland a walk and I like the light on these trees so what we need to do to get movement into these trees because let’s face it trees don’t move about a lot do they we move the camera we don’t move the tree well I can’t anyway so we’d need to use a slow shutter speed wouldn’t we to induce movement that means I’m gonna have to put on a low ISO let’s have a little look and see what kind of a shutter speed i can get so let me start closing down my aperture I was on f4 we’re now going down to f-22 i’ve got 2.5 I got a third of a second and I’m not altogether sure the third of a second is gonna be slow enough we all we can do is try it you must try things out now I don’t know if you noticed a moment ago I just kind of moved my hips I kind of went from here to here and that is because here i can see this is going to be blurry but you can see the car whereas if i move to here you can’t look what a little tiny movement that is that’s a composition control ok so let’s see what we can do let’s get back on subject right we got just about half a second let’s see what happens if we move the camera following the lines of the tree so we’re going to start let’s start at the top and come down and see okay where we got something a little bit blurry but it’s a bit messy and we missed the woodland walk, the shutter speed was too fast so let’s try moving a bit faster hmm that’s not very good either is it let’s try going the other way always trying things out what happens we start at the bottom and move up let’s make sure i’m not my car in the shot start down here oh the lights changed we’ve got a slower shutter speed now okay well it’s looking better but we’re still not getting it. Let’s just see i want to see more of those trees let’s just see let’s go a little bit more slowly oh that’s a bit more interesting isn’t it. Look you see how creative you can get just by thinking things through and just playing about with those controls and using the first building block of photography your awesomely brilliantly fabulously wonderful brain let’s have another go at that now look what we’re doing here is holding the shot at the beginning so I’ve got one second roughly nearly one second exposure it’s about half a second what we’re doing is we’re holding the exposure for half of the time so maybe a quarter of a second to the exposure is down here with the trees and then the rest of the exposure is that movement so we’ve got frozen tree trunks followed by that i’m using my image stabilizing by the way I’m keeping that switched on because it might just help with some of the shaky shaky because there’s a lot of shaky shaky going on here you know we don’t usually do half to one second exposes without a tripod let’s have another go gosh i have to keep remembering to just go like that so I lose that awful blue car right one more let’s just focus i got my tree in place and ooo I like that one ooo I do like that one so there you go it’s just a little technique it’s something for you to play with it’s something to use your brain on something for you to go out and practice with ok the purest will say that’s not a sharp picture well no it isn’t but it’s an artistic picture it’s being creative and it’s giving you a little bit of practice playing around with all those awesome camera controls so there you go i’m gonna go off and do something else looks like it’s going to be a nice day have a great time i’ll see you next time take care guys bye Subscribe to our YouTube channel to be notified each time we upload one of our cool photography videos well for more great photo tips workshops and training come and see us our website photography courses . bees