Photoshop CC 2018 Update Tutorial –  Improve Your Digital Painting Workflow

Photoshop CC 2018 Update Tutorial – Improve Your Digital Painting Workflow

November 18, 2019 17 By Peter Engel

what’s going on guys Nik here so I woke
up this morning and I checked my phone I looked at Facebook I saw that a Wojtek
fus had put up a post about the new Photoshop 2018 update so I hopped on my
computer I started messing around with it and I thought it would be a good
opportunity to make a little tutorial to like run you through all the new
features so the first thing we’re gonna look at right now just diving into it is
the stroke smoothing feature so as you can see this would be like a spiral that
I just did without strokes moving on and this is a spiral with stroke moving on
so you can enable this or disable this for all of your brushes and it’s right
up top so let’s put it at zero and let’s try to make some straight lines just see
what happens so I’m trying my best to draw smooth
lines these are pretty good but you can see there’s like a little bit of a curve
right there if I bump this up to like 10% now it kind of just guides you more
for a straight line there’s a couple different settings there’s the pooled
string mode so there’s stroke catch-up which we have right now so if you’re
drawing really fast it’s gonna try to catch up with your line and if we bump
this up like 250 or so you can really see what it’s doing but again it’s it
just makes the strokes even even smoother if we put it more on hold
string mode it basically doesn’t run the line until you pull the string to a
certain length you can see right there it kind of is like dragging it along
what I kind of noticed was the pulled string mode is a bit better for quicker
lines so like if you were drawing like like a vehicle let me put this back down
like tempura drawing like a vehicle or graph or
something like that it might be better to do the pull-string mode but it
doesn’t work as well for for if you’re drawing slowly because it’s constantly
trying to catch up and it just doesn’t feel natural so if you’re like like that
doing line art for something we can do the stroke catch up and that works a
little better so if we were like and drawing a head or something like that it’s just a little bit a little bit
easier to to see what you’re doing while still maintaining that smooth stroke so
this is a really great feature I’m actually doing some like animation stuff
for my game right now and this is really gonna help with that
the next thing that we can look at is brush folders now this is another huge
thing that I’ve been looking for info for with Photoshop for a really long
time so right now you can see our brush panel and basically all you do is you
just create a little folder let’s make one that’s called like foliage now as
you can see there’s like tons of brushes that I’ve kind of saved up over the
years what’s also really cool so let’s drag this out so you can see more of
them they’ve enabled this little slider so you can like very quickly zoom in and
out for specific brushes that you’re looking for the other nice thing too is
before you either could only see like the little thumbnail of the of the brush
stroke like if you were to tap it once and or you could see the actual line and
now you can see both at the same time the way you do that is you click the
flyout menu and you click on brush tip so we can turn that on and off
I like seeing them both because it more easily helps me you know find the
brushes I’m looking for but now that we have these folders it’s like really easy
to just separate the brushes you want so let me try to find where I had my
foliage brushes before here’s like a leaf brush right let’s make this really
small and it’s literally as simple as just clicking on the brush and there
dragging it right into the folder and then you can collapse it and it’s just
so much easier to organize your brushes this way before I had to make little
like I don’t know if you can see right here I had to make a brush called basic
so that I could see in my thumbnails like where my basic brushes are where my
leaf brushes work but folders are gonna make you know my process and workflow so
much smoother the other thing too is before you actually had to go into like
the brush presets to just like move brushes around and now you can just go
into the actual brushes little little section of Photoshop and just click and
drag them around the next thing that is really really cool is you can save
presets so let me give you an example of that so just pick regular hard round
brush and it collapses just a little bit so we can draw and let’s open a new layer color
alright sup for example I’m gonna turn off all of these things up top so
smoothing is off capacity is at 100 flows that 100 right I’m just gonna draw
some lines whatever now let’s say oh it would be cool if I had a brush that that
worked with the multiply layer so every time I picked it it was automatically
set to multiply so it’s got to multiply okay all right oh I want smoothing to be
a 10% for this brush we’re about 10 percent
I want the opacity to be 90 90 percent now before you aren’t able to save these
when you saved a new brush you’d have to like manually go into the brush preset
and like adjust all of these things now I can just go new brush preset far
ground whatever it saves it right next to it which is awesome
so if we go back to this let’s just everything back to normal just so we can
see that the difference so we had it at 0 100 100 normal right that’s this brush
we when we go to our new brush you can see it automatically saves all these
presets so that’s gonna be really handy for like if you want to just quickly you
know get a multiply brush or a color dodge brush or something like that you
can set these before you even like click on the brush itself so all right let’s
go to the next thing the next awesome thing is Kyle’s brushes so I’ve seen
these brushes for a while but I haven’t ever splurged to actually buy some of
them what’s nice is now they come as a preset when you
you download the new version of Photoshop if you don’t see them
immediately you just click on the flyout menu and you go to restore default
brushes and don’t worry it won’t overwrite your brushes I would say
backup like obviously just in case but what it will do is actually like add to
the to the to the brushes that you already have so as you can see I loaded
them up and they’re at the bottom and they’re put into these nice little
folders so he’s got like dry media brushes wet media it obviously gives you
your like general brushes again they’re like you know traditional round brush
soft brush blah blah blah blah blah but if we just play around with some of
these you can see how nice they are like this this is this is a sick brush what I
found really interesting is I’ve never really dived that much into the the
mixer brushes but all of his wet media brushes as far as I’ve seen see how it
changed our normal brush tool to the mixer brush tool and what’s really
awesome about these is that the emulate hairmet turn so so for these brushes
like if you have a slower computer you might lag a little bit I just turned off
the smoothing what’s really cool about these is they emulate like actual oil
painting brushes so this is gonna lay down like more of a flat color let’s
pick a blue when you mix these together it’s like
this glorious nice mix so I can see myself maybe starting with more of a
brush light sorry like this and just like laying down some colors and like
blending them kind of more naturally whatever but the the mixer brushes are
gonna be really nice for you know once I like dig into my painting and I want to
get some some really fine detail like some smooth areas like on skin or on the
ground or whatever it’s gonna help me emulate like more of an oil paints in a
kind of feel yeah I really like this and I’m probably gonna do some more studies
with this and and update you as I play around with them so yeah we’ve got
Kyle’s brushes all right here’s another really cool thing I’m also again for for
my game this is gonna come in handy because I have a lot of patterns that
I’m using in my game and when I used to have to do was like you know let me just
pick a regular brush Heastie you know I have to draw design whatever and I used
to have to duplicate it edit transform flip it you know and then flip it to to
make it symmetrical now what’s sick is in the brushes you
have this little butterfly button now that’s not gonna pop up automatically so
as you can see to activate it you have to make sure you go to edit preferences
technology previews once that pops up you just want to make sure that enable
paint symmetry is clicked okay so this only works for certain kinds of brushes
it doesn’t work for the live brushes which I think are the ones where like
you know you tilt your pen and it can like notice like how it’s tilted or
whatever but to just show you about how this works
I made a new layer and let’s just do let’s do something
cool like dual-axis so you can drag this around you could
transform it whatever but from this upper left quadrant I can just start
drawing and it’s gonna make everything symmetrical use shift to get some light
really straight lines whatever and it very very easily makes a really cool
pattern this is gonna help me tremendously when working on some of my
more pattern oriented stuff so that’s the last like big thing for the updates
like I just want to show you guys like how an artist could benefit from some of
these updates they offered a lot it’s definitely gonna help photographers as
well some of these other features but I wanted to mainly focus on like what
you’ve used in your paintings to kind of get you up to speed with with this new
update and I get your workflow going a little bit quicker the last thing I
noticed is I love the plug-in and then sorry you just turn symmetry oh I love
the plug-in cloris now I haven’t been able to figure out how to put it on my
new updated Photoshop so right now I’m just using the color cube which is fine
whatever I’ll deal with it for now I emailed them to see if you know it’s
just a patch they’re working on or something like that but as of now I
haven’t figured out how to like import cores so if anybody like has done this
and updated and figured out how to import cloris like please let me know in
the comments it really helped me but otherwise yeah I just wanted to do this
quick little thing and let you know like my thoughts and just how you could you
know how it might help improve your work so yeah if you guys have any comments if
you like the new update if you hate it let me know and yeah until next time see