Photoshop cc Tutorial: Sad Girl HD Wallpaper | (Manipulation)

February 28, 2020 0 By Peter Engel

Welcome to my tutorial Sad Girl on the hill file>new 2560×1440 unlock layer by pressing lock sign take stock image Take hill stock image remove background direct selection tool invert the selection by pressing ‘ctrl+shift+i’ hold shift refine edege place it on the main design same method apply on it select the subject carefully with direct selection tool refine edege apply musk adjust image add sky stock image place it above hill layer adjust the full composition adjust brightness make another layer and fill it with gray color for shadow adjust the shadow change the blending mood to Multiply adjust the shadow properly go to filter>blur>gaussian blur reduce opacity take brightness/contrast layer and musk it with girl layer adjust light with light source take new alyer above sky layer for orange light take orange color and btush it blend mood>screen adjust brightness of sky layer add moon blending mood>screen add bird take gradient map for dreamy color color lookup>horror blue opecity 23% Now adjust other think of the photo all stock image download link provided video detail