Photoshop Elements How to Cut Out a Shape – Creating a Cut Out Paper Look Tutorial

September 19, 2019 0 By Peter Engel

Hi I’m George Peirson and in this Photoshop Elements How to Cut Out a Shape project I’ll be showing you how to make this look of a shape cut out of a piece of paper. Now if you like this video make sure you hit that Like button, and of course Share, you can support my channel through Patreon, don’t forget to Subscribe. I do a bunch of videos every week and there’s my current schedule. I’m doing Photoshop Elements videos on Monday and also frequently on Saturdays. And take a look at my complete training course for Photoshop Elements and there’s a link for that right down there in the description. Okay let’s get to it! [Music] I’ll close this down and we’ll start off with a brand new file go create a file come down to new blank file and I’ll be visit the default Photoshop Elements size and choose ok there we go just had that doc right there now the first thing we need is to put a background in here so let’s switch over to graphics and then change this up here to backgrounds and I’ll scroll up to the top and let’s take this one right here it’s called geometric texture color nice bright orange texture there it is you can use anything you’ll want I’m just using this one for this example let’s go back to layers now and that’s make a duplicate of this layer so right click roses background and choose duplicate layer and okay there we go we can now change the background down here to a different background so back down to graphics and it’s just scroll down a little bit further and there’s some nice gradients down here we’ll choose a blue gradient just you have some variation from that orange on top just a little bit further we’ll come down to where those gradients are there we go they’re right down here well almost halfway down the list you know what that one there does the gradient blue click on that and there it is let’s go back to our layers again so we now have the blue gradient in the background and on top of that is that orange geometric shape and we’re all set to do our paper cutout effect let me just first show you what we’re aiming for here I’ll do an actual cut out of this but first when you bring in a background like this it comes in as a smart layer so we need to simplify this layer right click and choose simplify layer you can also unlock that right there and then notice that a little icon is gone so this is no longer a smart layer so just a standard image layer let’s now cut a hole in this one I’ll just use the rectangular selection tool let’s make a big selection like that can I hit the Delete key then makes a hole in that layer as you can see right there let’s just deselect that and you can see the whole much better if we put a drop shadow onto it so that’s a layer and then come down to layer style style settings and choose drop shadow on this just angle it over a little bit right there bring our opacity up and our distance here right there there’s that effect of there being a hole cut in that shape of that image let’s say you didn’t want to do that though you wanted to keep that layer clean without cutting a big hole in it and I’ll show you how you can do that let’s just first undo a couple of steps here there we go and then deselect so we’ll do the same cutout trick but I’ll use that cat shape so let’s go down to graphics and switch this over here to shapes and in shapes if you scroll up a bit there’s a few cats shapes up here yeah a little bit further there we go let’s take that one right there and that puts this cat on your project go over here to layers you can see it comes in as its own layer right there use the ctrl T keyboard shortcut to bring up our control handles grab a corner and let’s stretch that cat out so it’s a bit larger on the page kind of like that there we go you can click the green check mark for okay so here’s our shape now hold the ctrl key down and click on the thumbnail for that layer and mix a selection right around that shape you now hide that come down to our background layer here’s the important part on this go up to select and come down to inverse notice the marching ants around the outside border we’ve now done is we’ve now selected everything outside of the cat and not the cat we can now use that to make a layer mask over here on this background copy layer so click on the layer mask button that gives us a layer mask and the layer mask is hiding that part where the cat is in essence we’re making a cut in this sheet of paper here that looks like the cat let’s double click on the left-hand side here we’ll apply a layer style to give that same drop shadow style so layer layer style style settings drop shadow bring all the opacity up let’s bring our angle over just a little bit like that and bring the distance exterior there there it is there is that effect of there being a cutout now if you go larger in your size it softens that down so I just don’t touch in there not too much just a touch on that bring our opacity down a little bit and that looks pretty good right about there looks like this has now been cut out of that top sheet and adjust the distance and this will give you the effect of the top sheet being further away from that back sheet in the nice thing about this is that we haven’t touched that layer just choose ok there we are so if I had a photograph in here I wouldn’t have damaged the photograph everything is being done with the layer mask over here on the right hand side and click on the FX with our style settings in there so it’s the layer mask and style settings and that gives us that effect of this cutout you can do the same thing with text if you want to a little bit trickier go up here to the shape layer this layer of course is hidden and that’s fine let’s now go over and grab the type tool right here I have mine set for Arial black real thick heavy typeface and just click in here any old place doesn t matter of where and type in cat and she’s okay use the ctrl T keyboard shortcut that brings up our controlling handles and all to stretch this out so that’s how it’s a lot bigger there we go let’s stick it right there and choose okay now I need to have this on that same layer mask over there the way you do that is to hold the control key down click on the thumbnail for that layer that makes a selection we can now hide that come down to this layer here and make sure that you’re on the layer mask look for the light blue outline if you don’t see it if it’s over here like that just double click on this side light blue outline hold the Alt key down and click on that side that opens the layer mask up here full window we can now go over to the paint bucket and click inside of these letters it then fills those letters with black and you can then deselect so we’ve now added that onto our layer mask double click on the left-hand side and there it is now it’s kind of red in here that’s just a quick mask effect so click on your background layer and that goes away now you’re out of that completely but there it is that is how to give this effect of cutting out a shape on a piece of paper with a shape and also inside of lettering now depending upon the lettering once you get this done you may want to come back in and tweak your you fix a little bit just double click where it says FX that brings your effects back up again and let’s just bring the size down just a little bit so it’s not too soft if it’s too soft on the edge it begins looking rounded and the letters look we rounded as opposed to cut out and so just our angle just a bit here kind of like that I want to see the cutout around the part of the a there looks like it’s floating and there we go so that’s how to cut out a shape in Photoshop Elements with out damaging your original layer now if you have fun with this quick project make sure you hit that like button and of course share you can support my channel through patreon don’t forget to subscribe I do a bunch of videos every week there’s my current schedule and again take a look at my complete training course for Photoshop Elements and there’s a link for that right down there in the description [Music]