Photoshop  Graphic Design Tutorial – Abstract Circle

Photoshop Graphic Design Tutorial – Abstract Circle

August 14, 2019 0 By Peter Engel

Photoshop Graphic Design tutorial Create new file with 500px by 500px. Apply background color with paint bucket tool Select brush tool and mark soft brush stroke with white color Mark brush stroke with white color. Select polygon tool Set Background color – Nill. Stroke : 1px. Press and hold SHIFT and create shape Activate Ruler Place helping grid at center of polygon shape Select Delete anchor point tool. and delete some anchor points. Select Direct selection tool and drag vertex to make triangle Select Add anchor point tool add anchor in middle of top line of triangle Direct selection tool – chnage shape like this. Fill shape with gradient Duplicate this layer Edit-Free Transform. Change center point. rotate it at 60 degree. Repeat the process by pressing ctrl+shift+alt+T Change color gradients of each shape Add shadow. copy and paste with all shapes Don’t forget to subscribe our channel.