Pure Natural Newborn Photography – Capturing Baby’s First Year

December 11, 2019 0 By Peter Engel

(sentimental instrumental music) – My name is Stephanie de Montigny and I am a newborn portrait artist. I help families capture
moments from pregnancy through baby’s first year, and I specialise in newborn portraiture. I’ve always been a fan of photography, and how cameras work, how machines work, I used to take things apart
as a kid all the time. And so I started
photographing things here, everywhere, lots of objects. And when I started photographing people, it was families in parks, and
at one point someone asked, “Hey, would you do newborns?” So I looked it up, and
to my surprise there was this whole world of baby photography, and of course there’s the ‘Anne Geddes’. I found that a lot of people
are using these props, and these cute little flowers, and beds. And I kind of thought,
why aren’t there any that are more simple and neutral and just giving baby that
opportunity to shine. The difference is we
incorporate a lot of textures to change things up. It allows baby to become
the star of those images instead of being lost
in the different props. So that’s where my passion stemmed from; being able to provide those
nice, classic images to parents. So, a typical session from A to Z. Someone contacts me, either
through my website or by phone, and we get to talk and go
over a little bit of details. And then I have them come into the studio, so that I can show them the space that they will be having
their baby photographed in, we go over the different products
available… I take note of the
colour of their decor at home, because I want to make sure
that the art that I create with their baby and family, fits
into their life entirely. The best time to actually
photograph a newborn is from the first 5 to 10 days. It’s not set in stone, but
it’s the best “ideal” time. I’ve photographed newborns all
the way up to seven to nine weeks. There’s no such thing
as a baby who’s too old. You just have different poses to go with. So from there, I guide them
through how each session works. Do they come to the studio, we do the session. Once
baby is sleepy and snugly, then we slowly remove that
wrap and get them nice and posed so that they’re
comfortable, still sleepy. And you can incorporate wraps, and hats, or tiebacks for little girls. Again, still making sure that the baby is the star of the image. And then once the images
are ready and edited, they come back to the studio
to pick through the gallery. They can pick as little
or as many as they want. They can get that one
nice, gorgeous canvas, or an album with the
majority of the images. And then they come back to pick it up. It’s all done for them, ready to display. I really make sure that my
time is fully devoted to these clients and they
get to walk away with that gorgeous product.