Sharing PowerPoints or PDFs – Attending an Adobe Connect Meeting (for Students)

January 26, 2020 0 By Peter Engel

The Share Pod also allows you to share content by pulling it directly into your room rather then sharing it on your desktop. This is called sharing a document. To utilize the Share Document feature your instructor will need to promote you to a presenter and your content must be either a PowerPoint, PDF, Flash or JPEG file. Note that a Word document can only be shared through the Share Document feature if it is first converted to a PDF file. To share a PowerPoint choose Share Document from the Share My Screen dropdown menu. Select Browse My Computer and find the PowerPoint on your computer. Note that it may take a minute for your PPT to be loaded and converted into Adobe Connect. To Present the PowerPoint use the right and left arrows located in the lower left corner to navigate through your slides. Next to the arrows you have a side bar. This allows for greater options in navigating through your PowerPoint as well as informs you of which slide is coming up next. This side bar also allows you to see notes associated with each slide. Note that if you have animations and transitions loaded in your PowerPoint they should present the same way as they do in PowerPoint but you will want to check this first. Web Links in your PowerPoint are live, meaning viewers can click directly on them to navigate to the site listed.
The draw button at the top of the screen allows you to manipulate your PowerPoint as you present. To remove the edits use the selector tool to the far left and then the erase tool. Changing slides will also remove these edits.
To the right of the draw button is a pointer that allows you to draw attention to specific items. To end the presentation click Stop Sharing in the upper right hand corner of the pod which will allow for your instructor or fellow students to begin sharing their documents.
To share a PDF, FLV or JPEG file you will want to follow the same steps to browse your computer and locate the file type you wish to share. The larger the file the longer it will take to load so be cognizant of this when developing your presentation and try to avoid using images with large file sizes.