Step 10 Online Photo Editor Pixlr Editor

February 26, 2020 0 By Peter Engel

I’m going to add one more thing to our Pig. We’re gonna add a bowler hat. Go over to Google and type “bowler hat”. Go to images and Click on one of these hats that I think will look cute on our Pig. Right click. “Copy image address”, Go to Pixlr Click on “layer” because I want it right on top of the pig. “Open image URL as layer”. Delete that part and “Paste”, then click “OK”. We’ve got a hat on top of our pig. I want to get rid of the background. Click the “magic wand”. Click the white background. That will put a dotted line all the way around the hat in the background. Go to “Edit” and “Cut” and that will delete the background completely. Now I’m going to resize this so I’m going to click “Edit” “Free Transform”, and now I can adjust the size of this hat. Once I have it adjusted, I’m going to click off of it. “Do you want to apply changes?” “Yes ” Go to “moving tool”. Move this to be on top of his head. Once you’re done with your picture and everything on it, we’re going to click “File” and “Save”. This will save into your Google Drive. Right now it’s under the “Downloads”. Click on “My Drive” Because that’s where I want it to be saved. If I click on “downloads”, it’s only going to be inside THIS computer. It’s not going to be accessible anywhere. So you HAVE to click on “My Drive”. Click “Save”. If you go back into your Google Drive, you will be able to find your picture of your Pig. So I went into my Google Drive and towards the bottom. I will be able to find my Pig picture. I just click on that picture. It will show up and there is my amazing Pig!