Técnicas de iluminación con Cinema 4D – Curso online de Roberto González – Domestika

September 29, 2019 0 By Peter Engel

Hi, my name is Roberto González.
I’m a graphic designer by profession specializing in art creation
and direction of animated pieces in 3D. At the moment
I am co-founder of Dyne Studio, where we specialize
in creation using style frames to sell an idea. I have many years’ experience working
for different media, like television, movie theaters
and others, and clients like the Latin American channels
of HBO and Sony, as well as Converse, Entel and TVN. I love thinking about the aesthetic
and narrative possibilities of natural elements, especially light. It’s amazing that
such a fundamental element can be used and directed
to shape the emotivity of a scene, changing the message we want to convey. In this Domestika course,
I’ll show you the practical bases to use lighting in digital sets. We’ll illuminate three sets
in Cinema 4D with Redshift Render: one to give life to a character,
another for an advertising product, and another one
for a motion graphics set. First, I’ll tell you
what digital illumination is and show you its key aspects. I’ll talk about different types of light and when you can use them. We’ll tackle
the first exercise: the character. I’ll show you the process
of interpreting the client’s brief, and then how
to illuminate it step by step. In the second exercise, we’ll work on lighting
an advertising object. And, before we finish this exercise,
I’ll share some tricks to do the final touch-up. In the third exercise, you’ll learn
to light a motion graphics set with the techniques learned
in previous lessons. With all these steps you’ll learn
to appreciate light’s great potential as an element of expression
for your 3D projects. For this course, you need
a computer with Cinema 4D and, optionally, Redshift Render. This course is aimed
at graphic designers, illustrators, animators, 3D artists, and anybody wanting to learn
digital lighting techniques. Break through
the world’s natural barriers and bend light at will
to create your own digital scenes. Lighting Techniques with Cinema 4D
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