Teknik Remove Background “SEPANTAS 5 SAAT” dan Adjust Image Size Tanpa Pecah Dalam Photoshop!

October 7, 2019 0 By Peter Engel

Salam and welcome to this edition of #SIFOODOTCOM’s. Ok. This time I want to share about a situation… where we download an image… …and then we want to remove its background. So, in Photoshop, one the things or tasks that we mostly do is… …select subject and then, to detail and to refine its masking. Especially, like in this photo, there are hairs that we want to carefully select. Ok.. So, this task can be a tedious thing to do… especially to those who are still using the older version of Photoshop. [aaa] Or still using old technique such as Lasso, Polygonal Lasso, Magnetic Lasso… Those who use Pen Tool… Ok There are those who have moved on to using the more advance tool… [aaa] like Quick Selection Tool. Ok. So, it is good for them… But, to those who have tried using Photoshop CC 2019 You can try one feature… Select Subject Ok… So, I want to demo the Select Subject feature. Here… Open the downloaded image… Ok. This is the downloaded image. It’s here. Select>Subject. Ok. So, Photoshop will automatically try to select.. and if we see the selection by clicking this Select and Mask button… [aaa] Change this (View Mode) Alright, this is what Photoshop gets… [aaa] for the first time We can adjust its…Smart Radius (Edge Detection) Ok… However, there are still a lot of works to be done… I have one alternative way There is a website where you can… remove background with ease. Here. it claims… “Remove Image Background Free. 100% automatically – in 5 seconds – without a single click” It is superb, right? 5 seconds… Ok. Let’s try.. Let’s upload the same photo…select I upload this photo. 5 seconds! No timer but…it was about 5 seconds. Look at the results! Ok. Image without background. Look at the hairs. Superb! Ok. Next, I can download! Ok..the catch is here…when we want to download. It gives this option, if we want to download the full size image, we need to pay. Ok…you have to sign up. Here are the pricings and all… You have to subcsribe. The free plan…you can download… 1 free credit. 50 preview…bla bla bla If you want this…you have to pay. Bla bla bla…all these. Ok. Alright. So most of the time you don’t want to pay…right? So, how to go about this? So, let’s go back. So, we have to accept this preview version and download this.