Two Minute Digital Painting Tutorials  – Easy Perspective Grid

Two Minute Digital Painting Tutorials – Easy Perspective Grid

August 25, 2019 1 By Peter Engel

what’s going on guys I’ve been working
with some of my mentees and I realized that some of them are having a bit of
trouble with setting up perspective grids so I just want to shoot a quick
and easy video on how I do that in my process so jumping right into this the
first thing I do is set up my horizon line I press U to get the line tool
down just draw that across where you want it and I actually have a sort of
vanishing point brush that I like to use and I’ll link my brushes in the
description below so you can download them so I would pick a brighter color
like a green something like that and just pop that on right where you
wanted so once that’s on there you just do ctrl
T to transform the image stretch it out and put that first vanishing point where
you want it and then the next thing you do to get a two-point perspective is you
just duplicate it now we have two points and you just move it along the horizon
line wherever you want it and you want to do the same thing you transform it
and you would just stretch it to wherever you would like that something
typically if your first point is on your image the second point would be pretty
far off to the side so we would just keep dragging this until we get it to a
point that looks reasonable and pull up there we go we’ve got a perspective grid
to just draw some boxes just to show you obviously you can use the line tool again to get straighter lines Let me actually test that out there you go guys easy prospective area
to set up obviously all you have to do is just move the vanishing point see
they’re pushing together off to the side or whatever it’s expected do you want to
set up a three-point perspective you just duplicate the vanishing
we brush again and drag it up to the top and there you go you have your third
vanishing point so hope that helped be sure to LIKE and subscribe our channel
and yeah see you next time